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A German golfer, kicked out of his club for appearing in a porn film, is reinstated by a judge's ruling.

By Jack Boulware
October 23, 2000 11:10PM (UTC)
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Axel Boeckem is a self-admittedly horny 56-year-old computer salesman. He likes to golf at Germany's Hagen Golf Club, where he is a 15-handicap member. Recently, officials from the club spotted him in the porn video "Sex Test Private Line Number 2." In the video, Boeckem is seen having sex with 26-year-old porn star "Carmen," while wearing only his Hagen Golf Club tie.

It's fairly certain that the Hagen Golf Club members rulebook doesn't specifically ban appearances in porn films wearing club clothing, but club officials were extremely displeased nonetheless. "Such an appearance damages the image of our club," a spokesman told reporters. "If he had been anonymous we might have been able to overlook it, but Axel was wearing the club tie in the flick."


Boeckem was stripped of his membership and banned from the club. But word of mouth continued to build throughout the central German city of Hagen. "Did you hear about the golfer who did a porno? Right there on camera, flashing the Hagen Golf Club tie?" The town has only 209,000 inhabitants -- they need to talk about something.

Boeckem, however, felt his loss of membership was a monstrous miscarriage of justice. He was just having fun. It was just porn; it was just a necktie. So he took his appeal to court.

The judge ruled that the club must reinstate Boeckem as a member, and that whatever he did in his free time was his own business.


Club members did not say what they were wearing while watching the film in question.

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