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By Jake Tapper

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Published October 24, 2000 7:16AM (EDT)

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Kudos to David Letterman for at least trying to pin down George W. Bush on some of his whoppers. So much of the mainstream press is so in the tank for Bush, we should all be gagging. If his every word and act were as carefully dissected as Gore's have been, this race would not be close.

-- Daniel B. Leahy

George W. Bush's recent performance on the David Letterman show should remove any remaining doubts about his inability to lead this country. As always, Bush was a pretentious, smirking mess, gamely trying to avoid answering any question that didn't meet his approval -- which is to say all of them. The fact that this man will undoubtedly win the top job in Washington should probably be giving us all nightmares. But in a land filled with morons, it's only fitting that we should be led by one.

-- Elaine Snow

The real story is not whether Letterman was tougher on Bush than other journalists have been. It's that Letterman was tougher on Bush than he was on Hillary and Gore. He all but kissed Hillary's ring, threw softballs at Gore and then tried to trip up Bush, who held his own. Didn't the New York Times discount the polar ice cap melting story after first printing it, or is Tapper just behind the news in not inserting that bit of information?

-- Lucille McClure

Let me start by saying that I am a native Texan, and I am a Bush supporter.

I am so glad that someone is starting to ask tough questions. Now, I think that the press has been harder on Bush than Gore, but no one has been asking tough questions of either candidate.

This is politics, this is the presidential race, this is supposed to be tough. We're only a few weeks away from the election and we finally get tough questions, and they are from David Letterman of all people. I think the media needs to see this as a wakeup call for fair, tough, unbiased reporting.

-- Skip Clarke

Will someone please step up and call this bluff? Pampered journalists nationwide are having a cow over Jay Leno and David Letterman breaking more news in six minutes than MSNBC had broken since its inception. Well, of course, MSNBC takes the weekends off.

Outside the Beltway, beyond Manhattan and in companies not yet owned by AOL, the real world is happening. The world where they think Arianna Huffington sells perfume, Rush Limbaugh was better fat and Dick Morris needs a punch in the mouth.

Any regular viewer of news channels can see exactly why the late-night shows are cutting through. It's the clutter. There is no spin doctor waiting to enthrall Bobbie Battista with the latest take on his candidate. No overpaid network anchor immediately following to arrogantly put these candidates in their place.

Any truth that the next presidential debates will be on "Politically Incorrect"?

-- John Martin Daly

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