"Charlie's Angels" and their backsides

Diaz, Barrymore and Liu talk about "ass shots" and using it while you've got it; paper says Liz Hurley's new guy got between her and her jeans. Plus: Madonna's career tips for Britney.

By Amy Reiter
October 24, 2000 8:37PM (UTC)
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Funny, I don't remember Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson talking about "ass shots."

But times have apparently changed, and the stars of the new big-screen adaptation of "Charlie's Angels," Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, are more than happy to discuss their collective willingness to let the camera zoom in on their backsides.


"The trailer has about six ass shots," Diaz tells TV Guide. "You got to use it while you got it."

Absolutely, Liu pipes in. "You got to make the monies. You got to do the ass shots."

But Diaz insists she doesn't think the trio's revealing costumes are the least bit exploitative. Besides, she says, "Any woman who says she doesn't use her feminine abilities at any point in her life to get something she wants probably is not being honest."


Or doesn't look anything like Cameron Diaz.

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Bracing brassieres

"It gets your adrenaline going; it's fantastic!"

-- Tom Jones on getting underwear hurled at him on a regular basis.

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Hope he likes crumbs and dogs


Hugh Grant can breathe a big sigh of relief. It looks like Elizabeth Hurley has a new fella to spill the sexual beans on.

Hurley was spotted sucking face with producer/writer/director Steve Bing (he's worked on "Married ... With Children" and the Sylvester Stallone flick "Get Carter") at an Elton John concert in New York. "They were all over each other like lovestruck teens," one witness told the U.K. Sun, which printed photos of the lip-locking duo.


As John belted out ballads like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," rubbernecking concert-goers at Madison Square Garden were treated to the spectacle of Hurley and Bing mashing like there was no tomorrow. According to the Sun, "Steve even put his hands down Liz's jeans and felt her bum."

Talk about your ass shots.

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Master of someone else's domain?

"Directing sex, phew, that's awkward. I mean, you can't get into the bed with them, but you gotta tell them what to do. My wife doesn't let me direct sex! So I don't know why strangers did."

-- Jason Alexander on the challenges of telling actors where to put their hands while directing his new film "Just Looking," in People magazine.


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Madonna's next look: cornrows and a swimsuit?

Never known for her modesty, Madonna has told reporters she considers herself a perfect 10 in all aspects of her life -- as a singer, dancer, mother, daughter, lover, boss, friend, woman, sister and actress -- except one. As a wife, the currently unmarried mother of two says she's a big fat "zero."

But Rocco's mom puts her peerless maternal skills on display when asked about Britney Spears.


The old Madonna says the "new Madonna" is "very sweet and incredibly sophisticated for an 18-year-old ... And if she's being called the new Madonna, that's all right with me."

But, she warns, "There's a lot more to being Madonna than taking off your clothes, so I hope she can live up to it."

Truth ... or dare?

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