Dangerous romance

A Czech couple making love in a field is run over by a tractor.

By Jack Boulware

Published October 24, 2000 7:11PM (EDT)

There's something to be said for sex in the great outdoors: the fresh air filling your lungs, ruffling the hair on your back, tickling your genitals; nature's own mattress of soft loamy soil; rutting in the wild, just like one's ancestors. But this idyllic, pastoral scene can also have its downside. A case in point is the poor couple in the Czech Republic who picked the wrong meadow in which to have sex, and ended up getting run over by a tractor.

The field in this case was a dark, quiet paddock near the village of Brnicko, in the eastern part of the country. This spot no doubt was selected by the couple for its dark and quiet qualities. Unfortunately, the field was also popular that night with another local citizen, who hopped onto his tractor and chose the same meadow as a shortcut to get to a party.

To the driver, the lovers probably seemed like just another bump in the meadow, but to the copulating couple the tractor must have seemed like the roaring death wheels of Satan's chariot. The tractor rode over the lovers, reported the CTK news agency, injuring the woman's chest and the man's buttocks. The driver did not stop.

The full details of this bizarre accident were unearthed several weeks later, when doctors and insurance companies investigated the couple's injuries and discovered that they were the handiwork of a tractor-driving partygoer. Police arrested the driver and charged him with causing injury. Although the driver maintained that he didn't see the couple that night, it's likely he felt them.

Jack Boulware

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