Gore or Bush? Who cares? Not environmentalists

By Arthur Allen

Published October 25, 2000 7:07AM (EDT)

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Greenpeace is making some foolish and dangerous decisions. There is a vast difference between the two candidates in this election. The Sierra Club understands this, as do the older, and more experienced, original "Nader's Raiders" who have pleaded with the third-party candidate to rethink his campaign.

To understand that there are many environmentalists who do care which candidate is voted into the presidency, please check out Greens for Gore. Singling out Greenpeace and not including other equally concerned activists and environmentalists may give the viewers an unrealistic and biased image of the larger issue. George W. Bush will destroy what environmentalists have worked for decades to accomplish. Al Gore has been on our side for that same amount of time. He understands the issues and will work to protect the planet.

-- Regina Avraham
New York chapter, Greens for Gore

Why did Arthur Allen mention only the extremist environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, and never once mention the League of Conservation Voters? The LCV is the only environmental group in the United States that tracks politicians' voting records, state by state, and produces their scorecards on the Internet.

For all of the research in his article, Arthur Allen could have informed readers of a Web site where "real" political-environmental information can be obtained!

-- Richard Gary Bergeron

It is an extremely foolish proposition to say that there would be no difference on the environment between a Gore and a Bush administration. As a hostile Congress tries to gut the Endangered Species Act, cripple the EPA and give breaks to polluters what will the president do? Will he veto the legislation or actively support it? Under a Bush administration the "wise use" anti-environmental movement will have an open invitation to advise their friends in the White House and will have newfound political clout to push their agenda. Bush will open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and anywhere else that oil companies wish, to drilling. What do these environmentalists believe Bush will do with those executive orders on national monuments or with the Roadless Initiative? Bush prefers that industry voluntarily police its own activities with predictable results. Perhaps the Republicans in Congress will still have enough votes to continue their attacks on the environment, but at the very least a Gore administration will fight these fires. A Bush administration will fan the flames.

-- Bill Faulk

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