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In "The Virtual Community," online pioneer Howard Rheingold examines his home community, The Well, and makes his way through MUDs and beyond.

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Published October 27, 2000 4:58PM (EDT)

Howard Rheingold's career spans a relatively isolated life as writer (Tools for Thought, The Virtual Community) and editor (Whole Earth Review, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog) to his vital role at the genesis of computer-mediated communities.

In his classic book, "The Virtual Community," Rheingold writes about the early evolution of life online, which has become, in the years since the book was published, a "killer app," perhaps the most powerful of the Internet's many features.

Rheingold's trip through the history of cyberspace includes a stint as executive editor of HotWired and creation of Electric Minds, plus an important role in Doug Block's documentary "Home Page. "

Listen to Howard Rheingold read from "The Virtual Community." MIT Press will publish a revised edition of the book in November 2000.

Read by Howard Rheingold

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