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October 21-28

By Salon Staff

Published October 30, 2000 5:18PM (EST)


E!: Dick Van Dyke quitting TV

CNN: Toronto trying to keep Eminem from performing

E!: NBC cancels third show of season

Mr. Showbiz: Willis/Moore divorce finalized

Inside: Fox/Amazon to partner on auction TV show


Inside: Limp Bizkit reports biggest 1st week ever for a rock album

CNN: Martha Stewart releases Halloween album "Spooky Scary Sounds"

E!: NBC fighting to keep Mir alive

CNN: "Diary of Anne Frank" to be filmed

Mr. Showbiz: Willis/Moore divorce finalized

Inside: Fox/Amazon to partner on auction TV show


LAT: Koolhaus goes to work in Vegas

Variety: Feds to monitor Hollywood marketing

Inside: "Michael Richards" and "Frasier" score in Overnight TV ratings

NYT: NBC bounces two shows

LAT: Is NBC's "Cursed" cursed?

EW: Limp Bizkit has biggest opening ever

Film Unlimited: Lynch TV pilot to debut on big screen

Observer: J'adore Isaac Mizrahi!

NYT: Chicago's Steppenwolf theater troupe at 25

Inside: NBC axes 2 Monday night shows

E!: ODB flees rehab

CNN: Summer 2001 preview. Sequels, apes, Pearl Harbor, Lara Croft and still more sequels.

E!: Madonna to play free show

NY Daily News: Stone and husband play politics


NYT: Murdoch, Mormons, GM sell more porn than Flynt

Inside: "Boston Public" takes Monday night

E!: Heche to do "Ally"

Variety: "Toy Story 2" DVD release snafu

Variety: SAG deal likely to embolden actors

Inside: Brittany site sucks

NYT: CMJ fest takes navel watching too seriously

Variety: TV writers file suit alleging ageism

Review Round Up: "The Michael Richards Show"
LAT: "sagging letdown"
NYT: Premiere episode "actively bad, even incompetent"
Variety: "Technically the show is indistinguishable from countless other over-the-top, soon-to-be-canceled sitcoms."


NYT: Scott trashes "Pay It Forward"

Billboard: Dixie chicks, Creed, hit 7-million mark

LAT: Best Buy sells Limp Bizkit album for $2 below cost

EW: Top power list released

Page Six: Us mag spikes review, critic quits

Inside: Time Inc. to buy Times Mirror magazines

LAT: The man behind "Ed"

Mr. Showbiz: Spike Lee takes on TV

Wall of Sound: Pans Marilyn Manson's Blair Witch 2 soundtrack

E!: Ali bio-pic back on track

E!: John Mellencamp and Stephen King collaborating on a musical

EW: "Pay it Forward" guilty of racism?

Inside: Actors strike over

Inside: Weekend box-office report

NYT: Muschamp on new Times building

NYT: Vincent Canby's greatest hits

Inside: Weekend TV ratings

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