Mac OS X: As Windows as you wanna be

By Janelle Brown

By Letters to the Editor
October 30, 2000 9:29AM (UTC)
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Janelle Brown's story on Apple's OS X was excellent, except for a few oversights. She neglects to emphasize how truly flexible the new system is. If you want your hard drive icon to appear on the desktop, you simply drag it there from the finder window, and an alias is created. If you want to have multiple finder windows open, as in days of old, you can set that preference in the "View Options" menu, or in the finder window preferences. In fact, there is a company that offers a shareware OS X extension which will allow you to use the non-functional "apple" icon in your menu bar as an old-style Apple menu dock.


-- Nick Roy

Let us not forget where much of what Janelle Brown describes as being Windows-like comes from. For those of us familiar with the NextStep/OpenStep interface that Jobs et al. gave us with the NeXT computer line, the new OS X looks very familiar.

Just hoping that we can give some props where props are due. Long before the Windows task bar was ever there I was using a dock on my NeXT (and still do on occasion).


-- Colin Eric Johnson

As a long-time Macintosh user, I am seriously alarmed by all these reviews that tell me that Mac OSX is just like Windows, even down to that silly set of pointers that waste all that space at the bottom of the screen. If I had wanted something that works like Windows, I would long ago have given up on being a Mac user. I like my hard-drive window, I like my Apple menu, and if OS X is going to force me to use a Windows-like interface it will be sad day for me. Has nobody at Apple considered that it might be cheaper, easier and more compatible to just use Windows if the only remaining advantage is that OS X is prettier?

-- Don Andrews

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