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A police raid ends in embarrassment after the cops discover that the establishment advertises in a police publication.

By Jack Boulware
October 31, 2000 9:29PM (UTC)
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Generally speaking, police departments and strip clubs have a contentious relationship. The Tutti Frutti strip club in the city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, for example, was an irritation to local police. Last week officers barged into the establishment, arresting six women employees and detaining them on suspicion of working as illegal immigrants.

A few hours after this heroic law enforcement action, the cops wore embarrassed expressions, having discovered that the Tutti Frutti club was a major financial sponsor of the police department. The club turned out to be a hefty advertiser in the bimonthly magazine Police Forum, a publication of the police union.


According to news sources, one representative of the union was definitely not pleased with the discovery. "I saw the publication this morning with this two-page ad of the club and I was upset," said George Sourvinos. "This club should not advertise in our magazine on ethical grounds, and most of all it should not be called a sponsor, as the ad reads."

This incident supports the age-old maxim that strippers and cops don't mix -- unless the cops happen to be off duty and clutching a fresh paycheck.

Jack Boulware

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