Drew Barrymore endorses bush!

"Charlie's Angels" star calls her pubes nice, but unruly; Tori Spelling reveals crucifixion -- is canonization next? Plus: Whoa! What's that crawlin' across Jennifer Lopez's forehead?

By Amy Reiter

Published November 2, 2000 5:09PM (EST)

A turn-on for Drew Barrymore? Watching her fianci Tom Green hamming it up on the big screen.

In fact, when the randy couple went to a screening of Green's flick "Road Trip" a few months back, they apparently found themselves overcome with mutual lust. "We were laughing at Tom and just how rad he was, and enjoying the movie, and then I wanted to make out with him," Barrymore recalls in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, "so we went into the linen closet in the theater ... and started kissing."

But they'd been spotted. "All of a sudden, we heard [knocking] and pulling at the door, and it's all these little kids outside. And we walked outside," she says, "and Tom now has the brooms in his hands, and he starts sweeping. And then he hands the brooms to the kids. And they're all talking to him like, 'Hey, what's going on?' None of them noticing a thing, that we're walking out of this weird random closet."

Drew is less amused by her own stray bristles. So before she and Green went on vacation with her "Charlie's Angels" costar Cameron Diaz, she decided to go for a bikini wax. "I thought about everyone else on the trip and how much more considerate it would be for them so they wouldn't have to look at my unruly bush," she shares. "They're nice pubes, and I felt kind of sacrilegious removing them but I just thought, you know, they should remain private under my bikini rather than acting like they're in a line to get into a rave, but they're never really getting in."


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Bond, responsible Bond?

"I think there has to be an awareness on the part of filmmakers that there is so much violence in our society ... When I was younger I loved the violence, loved the perversity of it all and the sheer bravado of it. But you realize you have a responsibility."

-- Bondsman Pierce Brosnan, decrying sex and violence in films.

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Tori Spelling's Jesus complex

Bad news for Tori Spelling bashers. You won't have her to kick around anymore. At least not quite the same way.

Spelling tells USA Today that she won't be putting in an appearance on her dad's new show, "Titans," because she just can't stand the shame.

"The press crucified me so much over the years with nepotism," she says. "I feel I can't do another one of his shows."

But don't get too excited. Aaron Spelling's baby girl is not retiring from the spotlight for good. In fact, she's signed on to appear in the comedic film "Sol Goode" and will have a featured role as a bridesmaid when her "Beverly Hills 90210" costar Jennie Garth ties the knot to actor Peter Facinelli.

No, I don't think they're having the reception at the Peach Pit.

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The verdict

"I never watched myself. Why should I watch them?"

-- Judge Joseph Wapner on the proliferation of TV court shows since he left the "People's Court" bench back in '93.

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Juicy bits

It's official: Jennifer Lopez is a lock to star in a biopic of Frida Kahlo. According to Variety, the film will be directed by Luis Valdez and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Hope Puffy likes the unibrow look.

Eminem's touring problems continue ... A group of students at the University of Illinois have launched a protest against the rapper's performance on campus Thursday night. Students held a press conference earlier this week requesting that the university revoke Eminem's contract to appear. "I believe this concert is an explicit form of harassment," said student Nick Sakurai. "This is the university profiting from hate masqueraded as entertainment." The university has refused to cancel Eminem's performance. Class dismissed?

If life is a bowl of cherries, what was Jennifer Aniston doing in the Santa Monica, Calif., office of the DMV last week? According to Inside.com, a clerk said, "That 'Friends' girl was changing her name." DMV records indicate that, on Oct. 25, the new Mrs. Brad Pitt officially changed the name on her driver's license to Jennifer Joanne Pitt. She will, however, be keeping her maiden name professionally.

Florence Henderson, sex therapist? On next week's "Ally McBeal," the erstwhile Mrs. Brady guest stars as a tough-talking seminar-giver who lectures women on how to crank up their sex lives and keep their marriages happy. So that's why Alice always had that goofy smile on her face.

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