The revolution will be streamed

Gil Scott-Heron reads poems that address racism and the role of the black minister in America.

By Read by Gil Scott-Heron

Published November 2, 2000 9:00AM (EST)

Known by many for his spoken word/musical performance "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," Gil Scott-Heron was born in Chicago in 1949. A widely admired singer, proto-rapper, jazz pianist, poet, novelist and socio-political commentator, Scott-Heron is a unique figure in global music. He has produced 15 albums and is the author of "Now and Then," a collection of poems and lyrics, and two novels, "The Vulture" and "The Nigger Factory."

In this recording from Canongate Books, Scott-Heron offers his compelling political and cultural perspective on Stevie Wonder's experience with racism, John Lennon's murder and the role of the black minister in America.

Read by Gil Scott-Heron

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