Judging W's heart

By Jake Tapper

Published November 3, 2000 8:00PM (EST)

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Thus far, George W. Bush's opinions have been unappealingly right-of-center, but always within the bounds of taste. But, "Yale has gone downhill since the admission of women"?

Stop right there, that's it -- that's the end of the honeymoon. That's an absolutely non-negotiable point. How can a modern citizen question the presence of women at Yale? How can a public figure, in the year 2000, lament gender equality?

I would like to see Bush held accountable for this statement. He forfeited my vote long ago, now he's forfeited my magnanimity, too.

-- Benjamin Monreal

I am so sick and tired of the news media attacking Bush with their idealistic meanderings. Why don't you give the guy a break! Honestly, I have said things in the past to people of different ethnic backgrounds without thinking that I wish I could take back. If speaking without thinking is Bush's problem, then I think that the whole human race is guilty of that.

Yes, maybe he is also guilty of not being able to relate to people of different ethnic backgrounds or women. But I am a woman, and honestly I don't personally know too many men with his compassion. He still gets MY vote over that pompous Al Gore.

-- C. Keith

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