Slinging curry

By Debra Ginsberg

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 3, 2000 8:04AM (EST)

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Holy Chutney, Batman! Why, Indians are no more spiritual and enlightened and mystical than anybody else!

Being South Asian myself, this Western notion that the Indians are somehow slouching toward nirvana has always irritated me silly. Actually we're tribal, hardworking, bad-tempered and full of glorious tackiness and contradiction. Yes, and poor. Don't forget the poverty and its wicked stepchild, Materialism. Don't forget the third cousin on a visit of indefinite length named Blind Ambition who dragged us all on the Good Ship American Dream in search of that great Lexus in the sky.

One day, people will stop seeing hippie dreams and start seeing us. Wouldn't that be fun!

-- Angeli Primlani

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