Gore turns on the heat as Bush plays it cool. Plus: Latest poll results.

By Alicia Montgomery

Published November 7, 2000 9:44AM (EST)

Perhaps heartened by the tightening of the polls, Gore scored big in Miami Beach, Fla., at his second consecutive midnight rally. Early on Election Day morning, the vice president sounded hopeful as he spoke to an enthusiastic audience, sharing the stage with celebrities such as actors Glenn Close and Robert De Niro and singer Stevie Wonder. Of all the performers who spoke on the vice president's behalf, none was more cutting than actor Ben Affleck. "Al Gore has been in public service since before I was born," he said. "George Bush didn't even get a job until he was 40."

Gore attended another pre-dawn campaign event in Florida before setting out for his home state of Tennessee.

Lonestar at home
While Gore was hard at work, Bush clearly felt that by Election Eve, his work was over. The Dallas Morning News reports that the Texas governor made stops in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arkansas before returning home to Austin. He sounded ever more confident from the road, even pledging to win Gore's home state. "He may win Washington, D.C., but he's not going to win Tennessee," Bush said.

On the trail
Bush: Texas.
Buchanan: Virginia and Washington.
Gore: Florida and Tennessee.
Nader: Pennsylvania and Washington.

Presidential poll positions

Electoral College:

  • Bush 205 to Gore 181 (MSNBC Nov. 7).
  • Bush 213 to Gore 182 (ABC News Nov. 5).
  • Bush 209 to Gore 182 (CBS News Nov. 5).
  • Gore 252 to Bush 250 (USA Today Nov. 5).

    Popular vote, major-party candidates:

  • Bush 48 to Gore 46 (USA Today/CNN/Gallup Nov. 5-6).
  • Gore 48 to Bush 46 (Reuters/MSNBC Nov. 4-6).
  • Bush 48 to Gore 45 (ABC News Nov. 3-5).
  • Bush 48 to Gore 45 (Washington Post Nov. 3-5).
  • Bush 46 to Gore 42 (CBS News Nov. 2-5).
  • Bush 49 to Gore 47 (Pew Center for the People and the Press Nov. 2-5).
  • Gore 44 to Bush 41 (Newsweek Oct. 31-Nov. 2).

    Popular vote, third-party candidates:

  • Nader 4 to Buchanan 1 (USA Today/CNN/Gallup Nov. 5-6).
  • Nader 4 (Reuters/MSNBC Nov. 4-6).
  • Nader 3 to Buchanan 1 (ABC News Nov. 3-5).
  • Nader 3 to Buchanan 1 (Washington Post Nov. 3-5).
  • Nader 5 to Buchanan 1 (CBS News/New York Times Nov. 2-5).
  • Nader 4 (Pew Center for the People and the Press Nov. 2-5).
  • Nader 5 (Newsweek Oct. 31-Nov. 2).

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