Winners & losers

The developing results.

By Jake Tapper

Published November 8, 2000 4:45AM (EST)

While we're waiting to find out who will be the next president of the United States, and the returns on other races are still coming in, it seems like a decent moment to target other -- more conceptual -- winners and losers from Tuesday night.

WINNER -- Mary Matalin. After the networks called Florida for Al Gore, you threw a caution flag on CNN, pointing out the state's more than half a million absentee ballots. Hours later, the state went back on the table.

LOSER -- Gov. Jeb Bush. Regardless of how Florida eventually falls, you're the brother who ends up looking like a shrub.

WINNER -- Gore campaign spinners. You kept gloating to a minimum; no one's going to look silly if Gore loses.

LOSER -- Ralph Nader. Could-be spoiler and only a dismal 2 percent. You anger Democrats and disappoint supporters.

WINNER -- Overseas military voters. After relentless attacks on your readiness, your absentee ballots could swing Florida. Finally, you get a little respect.

LOSER -- Michigan Gov. John Engler. You didn't deliver Michigan during the primaries, then you didn't deliver it during the election. What are you good for except bluster?

WINNER -- Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge. You didn't deliver your state for Bush, but boy, do you look like a good V.P. pick right about now.

LOSER -- Pat Buchanan. And you are ...?

WINNER -- Jesse Ventura. You don't look bad after a year and a half of these two yahoos.

LOSER -- New York Republican Party. How on earth you managed to make Hillary seem sympathetic and noble is beyond me.

WINNER -- Tennessee Republican Party. The Bushies were smart to listen to y'all.

LOSER -- Voter News Service. Nice call on Florida, Gomer.

Jake Tapper

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