Guess what: The election's not over yet

By David Talbot

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 13, 2000 8:06AM (EST)

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David Talbot is right. This election is not over.

The Bush campaign would like to disenfranchise the 50 million of us who voted for Gore. We will not have it.

Bush knows that if the will of the Florida voters last Tuesday is made known by legitimate legal issues, he will lose that state and the election.

Bush says "trust the people." It seems he only trusts us when we do what he would like us to do. Now that he sees we have not done his will, he wants to steal the election.

He should concede the presidency to the man we all know won the popular vote in both Florida and the nation.

-- Jennifer Kelly

Please stop bringing up this constant point about Gore winning the popular vote. In this country the popular vote makes no difference. This country does not have federal elections, it has statewide elections.

-- David Stolz

Bush is acting the only way he knows how: assuming that he is entitled to the presidency. His life is the story of entitlement. Only a complete boob would not be able to see how easily he could have turned this situation to his extreme advantage. Of course he probably couldn't pronounce "magnanimous," so there's little hope that he could look it up in the dictionary to discover its meaning.

-- Dennis Scoville

I couldn't agree with David Talbot more. I wish that everybody would just calm down. There is a fairly clear legal procedure to follow, from everything I can gather, and it should be followed. There seems to be plenty of time, and Bill Clinton certainly isn't going anywhere.

Many members of the media are indeed howling for Gore to concede in the name of "wrapping things up quickly." Democracy doesn't lend itself to efficiency and neatness -- not in my lifetime, anyway. Things should proceed calmly and according to the law. We can be grownups about this!

-- Leanne Palmer

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