The coup

By David Horowitz

Published November 14, 2000 8:30AM (EST)

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Apparently, David Horowitz's idea of a coup is Al Gore winning the election. George W. Bush partisans are making the claim that the Gore camp wants to keep counting until it wins. But it is the Bush campaign that wants to end the process and declare a winner before the votes are even counted. Can we at least wait to find out who the winner really is before Bush decides he won?

And I would like to know what the hurry is. We still have a president anyway until Jan. 20. The campaign has lasted two years already, so I do not see what the crisis is in waiting a little more for it to end. The real crisis is when the man who loses an election becomes president. So let us wait for the votes to be counted, and counted properly.

-- Alan Schwartz

David Horowitz is obviously running scared right now, as are most Republicans, who know the Florida election was fraught with errors and are terrified that once the votes are counted correctly, Al Gore may very well be our next president.

It's funny how quickly some people are ready to abandon democracy and an honest recount as soon as their guy might lose because of it. I just can't imagine that Bush would roll over and let Gore have Florida if the situation were reversed.

-- Jenifer Geiger

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