Let's make a deal

By Gary Kamiya

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 15, 2000 8:01PM (EST)

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We don't want a "deal," we want the electoral process to work! It is not in the best interest of the country for Republicans and Democrats to hunker down and make a deal. Americans need to know that democracy can work through their casting their vote -- and having it be counted.

-- Valerie Merians

The voters decide who becomes president of the United States, not political parties.

Our system works because of its checks and balances. Part of that is judicial review of possible illegal actions, and part of that is recounting ballots to ensure a fair and accurate representation of voters' wishes.

We're checking and we're balancing.

If you can't stand the suspense, log off until it's over.

-- Scot Ninnemann

If Al Gore ends up being elected president, it will be through the will of the people. If George Bush ends up being elected president, it will be through the screwups of the people. Bush and his supporters don't appear to be at all bothered by the fact that they are stepping over piles of uncounted votes on their way to the Oval Office, but that bothers me a lot. The arrogance, the total lack of a sense of fair play, is enough to make a thinking person sick.

-- Lindon Rose

That was the best and most fair proposal I've read about how to end the mess in Florida. Kamiya even changed this partisan Republican's mind about the GOP's claims that a hand count in the four Florida counties is unfair. If the Democrats are willing to drop all of these specious claims about "confusing" ballots (too bad), unfounded claims of racial intimidation of black voters (try again, Jesse) and their attempt to confuse citizens with the idea that Gore should have some claim to the presidency because he may have won the popular vote, then the GOP should allow the hand count and both should wait for the count of the overseas ballots -- and end this thing!

-- Vincent Basehart

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