George W. Bush flunks the test

By Gary Kamiya

Published November 17, 2000 8:44PM (EST)

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Let me get this straight: Bush "flunks the test" because he will not accept Gore's offer to recount by hand the entire state so that Gore will end the litigation mess Gore has created in the first place? Kamiya places the burden on Bush to prevent Gore from filing numerous lawsuits by accepting a statewide recount that would open Pandora's warehouse. How could any intelligent person think a statewide recount by hand would do anything other than create substantially more problems and confusion? Get real.

-- George Murphy

One man's test is another man's trap. Gore has already arm-twisted enough of the county election board chairmen to be assured of the outcome of the recount, so why not offer the deal he knows he will win? Look at Broward and Miami-Dade counties: already voted not to recount but suddenly they change their minds. Gore's minions got to them.

No, unfortunately, the recount effort has already been shown to be so biased that there would not be anything fair or impartial about it. Call it what you like, but Gov. Bush still is the only candidate with a moral background and center in this election. Vice President Gore has demonstrated again his penchant for ripping out the lungs of his opponent when he unleashed his dogs on the elected officials in Florida. He does not deserve the highest office in the land.

-- David Litster

Did you guys ever stop to think of the fact that it is too late to recount the counties not currently involved in these disputes? The deadline to request a hand count in most counties has long since passed. That makes Gore's "offer" little more than a public relations ploy with absolutely no real value whatsoever. Even if both campaigns said, "Let's recount it all," it cannot be legally done.

-- McCord Wilson

You'd think the "inventor of the Internet" would have more faith in the machines specifically designed to accurately count holes punched in cards.

I'm a professional data processor who worked for many years in the 1970s with the same voting system now used in Florida. The system was changed in my city because state law required the ability to do a hand recount -- which is virtually impossible to do with punched cards.

Sorry, Al. Sorry, Salon. George W. is taking the high road. Al Gore is taking the silly road -- thinking humans can read punch cards better than machines.

-- Thomas Gordon

I voted for Al Gore and I think he's doing the lawful and right thing in pursuing hand recounts. But the article by Gary Kamiya was extremely partisan. Neither candidate will concede to the other's proposals. Ego is on the line and so is the appearance of looking weak, giving in -- following rather than leading.

-- Harlan Simantel

I'm with you 100 percent. I thought Gore's offer was a very reasonable and fair offer. Bush's rejection comes across to me like that of someone who is basically scared of the truth. He thinks he has lost an accurate count of the votes in Florida and is looking for some way to win anyway. I think the law is against him. I hope that everyone else in the country recognizes his behavior as that of a coward who is afraid of the choice of the people.

-- Colin Glassey

Bravo to Gary Kamiya! What we desperately need is legitimacy, not James Baker's laughable "finality," whatever that means.

-- Ramon E. Creager

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