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Prince Charles' fund supports a breast pillow entrepreneur in England.

By Jack Boulware

Published November 17, 2000 8:30PM (EST)

Since 1976, a trust fund set up by England's Prince of Wales has helped more than 40,000 young people "to succeed by providing opportunities they would not otherwise have." Ben Holst, an enterprising young man from Brighton, is among those who have received financial aid. Holst's project? Manufacturing pillows in the shape of female breasts.

While it can be argued that inventing a so-called "tit pillow" is an opportunity Holst might not have had without help from the Prince's Trust, it's assumed the prince had no idea that 950 pounds ($1,358.31) of his grant would go to a strange young man with a breast fixation.

Holst says that through his TitPillow Company Web site, he's already sold 30 of his pillows. The imitation mammaries shown on the Web are made of soft pink material, accented with darker pink areolas and nipples. Holst has thoughtfully posed for a demonstration photo, nestled between two of his creations.

"I suppose everybody needs a bosom for a pillow and we decided to turn that dream into a reality," Holst recently told a reporter. "I thought it would be funny to go to sleep between a pair of breasts every night."

Holst boasts that for every TitPillow sold, he will donate 2 pounds ($2.86) toward breast cancer research. Orders are taken through mail order, or customers can phone the company number, and "clearly state, 'I need TitPillows.'"

"At the moment they just come in one color and size," adds the presumably single entrepreneur. "But I am quite keen to make a gigantic version."

Jack Boulware

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