Team Bush flings charges

By Anthony York

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 21, 2000 8:10PM (EST)

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As Sen. Bob Graham of Florida says, the vote counters are mostly public-spirited and conscientious. But, unlike in Texas, the Florida Legislature has not written into law any standards for hand counting ballots. I think it is an unlawful delegation of legislative authority to allow the hodgepodge teams of vote counters to make up their own standards as they go along. When I voted I marked my ballot according to my notions of common sense. How do I know that the vote counter who examined my ballot has the same sense that I do?

I'm a Democrat and voted for Gore.

-- Fred Smith

I know that in their efforts to win the White House both the Bush and Gore camps are playing hardball. But the members of the Bush camp have gone too far. I label them masters of distortion and exaggeration. They are shameless in what they are now doing to discredit the hand-counting process in Florida.

People can disagree as adversaries, but fairness should prevail. These Bush people who laud family values, integrity and honor at the same time that they sensationalize, manipulate and distort the facts are not fooling the public. Woe to the country if these Machiavellians ascend to power.

-- Annie Perkins

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