Did Barrymore call off wedding?

"SNL" chief says Drew canceled five minutes before televised vows; Kyra Sedgwick on turkey basters and barenaked Bacon. Plus: A Famke Janssen Thanksgiving: "I don't care what I eat, as long as my meat gets well massaged"!

Published November 22, 2000 5:22PM (EST)

Were Drew Barrymore and Tom Green really set to get hitched last weekend on "Saturday Night Live"?

You and the rest of the world may have thought the couple's promise of end-of-show nuptials was one o' them Tom Green pranks, but Variety's Army Archerd is convinced all systems were set to go before Drew pulled out at the last minute.

Not only had Green secured a license and a minister to perform the ceremony, but the couple's buddies Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Harvey Weinstein and Sara Gilbert were waiting in the wings to witness the joyous event, Archerd reports. And SNL honcho Lorne Michaels has confirmed that, until five minutes before the hitching was to take place, the couple had planned to take their vows.

So what happened? Barrymore apparently got cold feet -- and decided to delay their wedding until sometime this summer. An on-air ceremony, she concluded, would be "inappropriate."

At least someone learned something from Darva and Rick.

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That was fast

Has Melanie Griffith kicked her addiction already?

The breathy actress posted the following note on her Web site on Friday, just a few days after she announced she'd checked herself in to "step down" from a dependence on painkillers:


Hello My Friends,

I am home with my family now, after what was a rough eight days! I will tell you my story in due time, but right now my family needs me, and I need them.

I wish you all the loveliest weekend and I will write more to you on Monday!

Sending trillions of kisses!


As of Tuesday evening, Griffith had yet to post more. Maybe she was saving up kisses?

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Baste on a hunch

If turkey basters secretly make you giggle, you're not the only one. They make Kyra Sedgwick giggle, too.

In the food-focused Thanksgiving film "What's Cookin'," Sedgwick and Julianna Margulies play lesbian lovers, who at one point share a special snicker while basting the butterball. And Sedgwick can't figure out why the world isn't laughing with them.

"You know, Julianna and I went to a few lesbian bars to do research," Sedgwick tells Fashion Wire Daily, "and we weren't even mentioned in the New York Post or the Daily News. It was upsetting."

But the role had its rewards. "I have to admit it's thrilling to kiss a woman," the actress confesses. "Julianna in particular. But there's some thread to it that makes it different. You sort of think to yourself, 'Oh, it's OK for me to enjoy this because it's not a man,' especially knowing inside that I'm married."

Then again, she says, she doesn't take that on-screen stuff too seriously. Asked what she thinks of her husband Kevin Bacon's penchant for taking off his clothes in front of the camera, she replies, "Well, it's not a big thing!'"


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Papa don't preach

"I have nothing to say about the breakup at all. It's a private thing ... Whatever is going on between Julie and Melissa is going on with them."

-- David Crosby, the biological father of Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher's two children, on the couple's recent split.

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Sayonara Spice?

Are the Spice Girls splitting up?

Don't get too excited. It doesn't look like it's happening ... yet.

Rumors of the band's demise have been circulating for at least a week, since Mel C. suggested there may be no more Spice Girls tours -- and the sluggish sales of their latest album haven't helped. But the end-is-near whispers got a little more sibilant Monday, when Mel C. telegraphed her desire to ditch her Spicy friends in favor of her solo career on a British TV show.

"When I am with Spice, it's like I have got a lot more to consider," the singer formerly known as Sporty Spice told interviewer Frank Skinner. "You know we have a lot of very young fans and the other girls -- I don't want to upset them or say anything that could reflect on them. But know I just find it really hard to keep it all in, I really do."

Then she used the L-word. "Actually, I have been luckier since I have left," she said, rushing to clarify, "well, since I have been doing my own thing."

The group's spokesman denies Mel C.'s departure and says what the Girls want -- what they really, really want -- is to stay together.

Um ... OK.

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And you thought the actor was bad

"Kevin's so focused that if he wants it bad enough he could probably have it."

-- Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell on why he thinks his bandmate Kevin Richardson could be POTUS.

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Pass the gravy

Let us all give thanks for chatty actresses.

"I hated the food in my home country, the Netherlands," former Bond girl Famke Janssen tells gossipist Baird Jones. "They overcook everything, all you get is overcooked, tough meat and overcooked, tasteless vegetables. So I hate to cook."

And it's not the food that's got her excited about her adopted country's harvest holiday. "For Thanksgiving, I really don't care what I eat," she says, "as long as my meat gets well massaged that day, if you know what I mean, baby!"

Well, at least she didn't make a joke about stuffing ...

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