Winners & losers

By Jake Tapper

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 22, 2000 8:12AM (EST)

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Winner: "Saturday Night Live." After years in the doldrums the show finally has some good president-in-waiting shtick to work with. Whoever wins, the show will benefit. Katherine Harris, Chris Matthews, George W. Bush, Al Gore and Bill Clinton impersonations have all been spot-on, and the show is finally getting some badly needed media and viewer attention.

Loser: The big cosmetics companies. Thanks to Katherine Harris, lip, cheek and eye color are definitely out this season.

Winner: Doris Kearns Goodwin. Who knew that presidential historians would be in such demand this year? Look for her speaking fees to double this quarter.

Loser: The next president of the United States. See "Saturday Night Live" reference above.

-- Joy Reid

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