Dick Cheney: President Big Time!

By Joan Walsh

By Letters to the Editor
December 1, 2000 1:27PM (UTC)
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You Gore fanatics just can't make up your minds! You chastise Bush for daring to begin to assemble a Cabinet. How dare he? Then, when he deliberately reduces his profile by delegating to his team, you say he's out of touch! What's the poor man to do?


-- R. Patrick Henry Jr.

It's certainly funny how two people can look straight at the same picture and see it completely differently. My view of Gov. Bush is that he is behaving with a measured wisdom and prudence befitting one aspiring to leadership of this nation. I have complete respect for his desire to stay out of the public fray while Cheney quietly carries out his directives. Bush is preparing responsibly to assume leadership on Jan. 20. His concern is for the American people and that the endless legal delays created by Al Gore not hamper this nation's highest governing office. I find the tone of Walsh's article to lack any charitably objective perspective and consider it unworthy of the true calling of journalism.

-- Valerie L. Call Jacobs


The idea that George W. Bush is anything but ready for the job of president is ridiculous. The man is staying out of this quicksand of media coverage and is very presidential. Reporters are upset because they don't have a Republican target at the moment.

Fear not, ladies and gentlemen, after all of the Gore illegalities are over with, Bush will be president and you can cry to your hearts' content.

-- Kevin McPeek


During the vice presidential debates I felt more confident with Cheney than with Gore, Bush and Lieberman. Cheney is relaxed and confident, a sign the guy really knows the direction he is headed. Bush is nervous and if he is elected he'll have four years of working with some very capable people that will either bring him up to speed or leave him in the dust.

-- John Spiering


I am tired of the tone of resignation in Joan Walsh's past few articles. Where is the outright indignation we need to inspire us? Gore ain't perfect, not even close, but he is the man the nation elected, and he is the man Floridians clearly attempted to elect save for Bush's illegal suppression of those uncounted votes, the lucky break he got with the Palm Beach County ballot and the certainly immoral (if not clearly illegal) help he got with the Seminole County absentee ballots. We as Democrats and liberals (and Americans) need to rise up and demand that Bush concede immediately, for neither he nor Cheney is the man we as a nation elected.

-- Matthew Yagle

It's more than a little late, but it seems people are finally waking up to the fact that there are real-world limits to the combination of limitless arrogance, infantile entitlement and willful intellectual opacity that George W. Bush has brought to the world stage. I could see it in his eyes at his GOP convention speech -- he was in way over his head and scared shitless. The post-election trauma has proved too much for his fragile ego, the indications from his bizarre speeches and reclusiveness are that he's in a catatonic nervous collapse. The Republicans have rigged the election for a gibbering imbecile, which begs the question: How long can Cheney stagger on carrying the entire burden?


-- Kent Southard

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