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Salon's TV picks for Weekend, Dec. 1-3, 2000

By Joyce Millman

Published December 1, 2000 6:10PM (EST)


On King of the Hill (7:30 p.m. Sun., Fox), Hank's dad returns and he's even more pissed off than usual, having just lost his job. Homer becomes the Matt Drudge of Springfield when he creates a muckraking Web site on The Simpsons (8 p.m. Sun., Fox). The Sopranos (8 p.m. Sun., HBO) begins reruns of the first and second season. If you've never seen it from the beginning ... well, ain't it about frickin' time? Back-to-back episodes air at 8 and 9 p.m. On The X-Files (9 p.m. Sun., Fox), an abducted boy returns 10 years to the day he vanished, but he hasn't aged a day. Ben Affleck feels the love on Inside the Actors Studio (8 p.m. EST/9 PST, Sun., Bravo). Behind the Music (9 p.m. Sun., VH1) looks at the last years of John Lennon's life. It's here, it's queer (not that there's anything wrong with that!): Queer as Folk (10 p.m. Sun., Showtime) is the American version of the controversial British serial about a group of gay friends livin' and lovin' as the disco ball turns.


The 1997 animated feature Anastasia (8 p.m. Fri., Fox) has its TV premiere. Meg Ryan voices the cute-as-a-button girl who claims to be the heir to the Russian throne. Sir Elton wigs out in the concert special Elton John: Greatest Hits Live! One Night Only (10 p.m. Fri., CBS), with guests Billy Joel, Mary J. Blige and Kiki Dee. Ice Wars: U.S. vs. the World (9 p.m. Sat., CBS) features all your fave figure skaters hamming it up on the exhibition circuit. The new TV movie Love Song (9 p.m. Sat., MTV) stars singer Monica (now known as Monica Arnold) as a med student torn between the nice boy her father approves of and a white blues singer. Robert Klein: Child in His 50s (9:30 p.m. Sat., HBO) marks the comic's seventh stand-up special for HBO. Christina Aguilera: My Reflection (8 p.m. Sun., ABC) -- bet you didn't think she had one -- finds the other pop princess over-emoting her hits in a Los Angeles concert. Unwrapped: The Mysterious World of Mummies (8 p.m. Sun., Learning Channel) looks at the techniques used by various cultures to preserve their leftovers. The new TV movie In His Life: The John Lennon Story (9 p.m. Sun., NBC) picks the bones of the slain Beatle -- again -- and calls it a 20th anniversary assassination tribute. The new three-part miniseries Frank Herbert's Dune (9 p.m. Sun., Sci Fi Channel) remakes the classic novel about the noble young leader of a desert planet on a quest to save his people from extinction. William Hurt, Alec Newman and Ian McNeice star.


Red Wings at Panthers (8 p.m. Fri., ESPN)
Panthers at Blues (8:30 p.m. Sat., ESPN2)

Broncos at Saints, Dolphins at Bills, Raiders at Steelers, Seahawks at Falcons or Titans at Eagles (1 p.m. Sun., CBS)
Rams at Panthers, Cardinals at Bengals, Cowboys at Buccaneers or Giants at Redskins (1 p.m Sun., Fox)
Browns at Jaguars, Colts at Jets (4 p.m. Sun., CBS)
49ers at Chargers (4 p.m. Sun., Fox)
Packers at Bears (8:30 p.m. Sun., ESPN)


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Elton John
Jay Leno (NBC) Russell Crowe
Politically Incorrect (ABC) Adam Carolla, Lisa Loeb
Conan O'Brien (NBC) Katie Holmes, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Craig Kilborn (CBS) Howie Long, Terry Farrell

All times Eastern unless noted.

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