"A Hard Day's Night"

By Stephanie Zacharek

By Letters to the Editor

Published December 6, 2000 8:00AM (EST)

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I am a 45-year-old man who remembers seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Not only do I remember, but my life was totally shaped by the experience. Stephanie Zacharek's article was not the most eloquent Beatles statement. It was not the loftiest. It was all of two pages. But it was the truth -- so close to my experience I was in tears by the time I finished it. I can give it no higher praise than to say she has read our souls, reflected them back into our eyes and illuminated our beloved past. Bravo.

-- B. Shanahan

I thought I had spent all the emotions I could on the Beatles until I read Stephanie Zacharek's piece on the restored film "A Hard Day's Night." It was beautifully written and very true to my feelings, even all these years later. I must expect, then, that so many others out there feel the same way I do about the film, what it is and was and who and what it represented. The impact of the Beatles will not begin to fade until the last of us fans is dead and gone. While we live, we will always have those memories that only we, as a family of sorts, understand.

-- Lawrence Cataldo

I was disappointed in Stephanie Zacharek's rather callous comment that John Lennon left behind a "a grieving widow nobody ever liked much anyway." Lennon wrote many songs celebrating his love of Yoko Ono. If he were alive today, I bet he would be spitting fire at anyone who chose to publicly defame her. If you loved John, have respect for the love of his life!

-- N. Columba O'Neill

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