The cowardliness of their convictions

By Douglas Cruickshank

By Letters to the Editor
December 6, 2000 1:00PM (UTC)
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Julia "Butterfly" Hill's style of protest is an example of true heroism and leadership. Her gentle, kind, polite, self-sacrificing, relentless resistance to what she saw as an injustice is a refreshing antidote to the gruff, violent, ego-gratifying images of leadership we see in action films, sports and history books full of war stories. I cringe when I hear stories of corporate or political "leaders" who intimidate and scapegoat others in the name of "getting the job done." My heart aches when we call someone a hero, who, in the pursuit of the self-interest paycheck, does exactly what he gets paid to do. I look forward to the day we recognize Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr. and, now, Julia "Butterfly" Hill as the best role models for leadership and stop glorifying those who lead in violent wars or have enough "charisma" to charm us into denying the disservice they do to others with their narcissistic leadership styles. Douglas Cruickshank's piece gives me a glimmer of hope. I hope that the message is well received and heeded by millions of readers.


-- Allison Nevitt Murphy

Where I come from we call people like Douglas Cruickshank hypocrites. I think it is the only word that fits the out-of-control environmentalists that are trying to run things in this country.

I am really sick of people protesting logging while they carry protest signs made with new wood slats and new poster board. I'm tired of computer workers getting all pissy about nuclear power, or these days, even coal power, while remaining oblivious to the toxins created in the manufacturing of their livelihood.


I don't want to see all the redwoods cut down either. But you wanted your fence, didn't you? I may want one someday too. We aren't going to go back to the Stone Age. People are not interested in having fewer children, and generating energy is going to have a profound effect on the environment. Period. This is the mess we are in. I don't know what the solution is. I just know that people standing in the way of other people's industry seldom gets anywhere.

-- Rick Daughety

Thanks to Douglas Cruickshank for his thoughts on Julia "Butterfly" Hill and Luna. Despite what one may think personally of Hill, there is no question of the sincerity of her cause. Also, Cruickshank couldn't have been more accurate in his commentary concerning the cowardly and despicable act against Luna. His attention, along with others who have reported and commented about it, help make things better each day. Maybe one day, enough humans will see the light and act with compassion for the earth, while balancing the societal issues we face daily in using Earth's resources.


-- Mike Bogolia

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