"The recount shall commence immediately"

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December 9, 2000 1:13PM (UTC)
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After four weeks of partisan bickering and positioning, the Florida Supreme Court has finally stepped forward and required the manual recount of the undervotes in all Florida counties. This is something that most people in the country, whether Democrat or Republican, knew in their heart was the only fair way to resolve the election. What was the obvious solution hopefully will be the final solution.


Let the chips fall where they may and the voice of the voters of Florida be heard. Should the Florida Legislature move forward with its own slate of electors to try to circumvent the results of a manual recount for Gore, then the Democrat-controlled states where Bush won have an obligation to do likewise.

-- Joe Montanti

Governor Bush has fought a good fight to avoid a honest count of votes in Florida, but now that a recount has been ordered by the Florida Supreme Court, and he knows full well that he will lose, he should do the honorable thing and concede.


-- Jack Madsen

Congratulations to the Florida Supreme Court justices (at least the four who voted for Gore). Most justices can, in retirement, look back upon a career of deciding tough cases and righting wrongs. Those four can look back and tell their grandkids, "I stole a presidential election in broad daylight."

-- Steve Walton

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