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By Beth Sherman
December 14, 2000 1:07AM (UTC)
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After 30 years as host of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," Fred McFeely Rogers is retiring. How much did his show teach you? Take this quiz and find out.

What is the first thing Mister Rogers removes when he gets home?

a) His coat

b) His shoes

c) His pants


d) His gold tooth

e) His .50-caliber sniper rifle

f) All of the above

(Answer: a)

Mister Rogers' neighbor or porn star?

a) Herpie the Blister

b) Mr. McFeely

c) Pepe McTouchie

d) Henrietta Pussycat

e) X the Owl

f) Hung the Horse

(Answer: His neighbors are b, d and e)


True or false?

a) Everyone has feelings.

b) It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

c) Lots of grown-ups have make-believe friends.

d) Mister Rogers had a supporting role in the 1980 film "Caligula."

e) According to Florida statute 102.112, the elections canvassing committee may ignore late-filed returns.


(Answer: a, true; b, true; c, true; d, false; e, true)

Mister Rogers' favorite number is:

a) 5

b) 537

c) 58

d) 125,692

(Answer: c)

Mister Rogers is a(n):

a) Ordained minister

b) Reform rabbi

c) Buddhist monk

d) Branch Davidian

e) Witch

(Answer: a)


Who sings it: Mister Rogers or Britney Spears?

a) "It's Such a Good Feeling"

b) "Stronger"

c) "It's You I Like"

d) "Let's Think of Something to Do While We're Waiting"

e) "I Will Still Love You"

f) "I'm Taking Care of You"

g) "Lucky"

h) "You Drive Me Crazy"


i) "I Like to Be Told"

j) "I Will Be There"

k) "Sometimes"

l) "I Like to Take My Time"

m) "You're Growing"

(Answer: Mister Rogers, a, c, d, f, i, k, l, m; Britney Spears: b, e, g, h, j)


Give yourself two points for every correct answer.


If you scored:

10-12 points -- Under Megan's Law, it is required that the community be notified when you move into its neighborhood.

6-10 points -- You had a lonely childhood, didn't you?

4-6 points -- You're average. Very, very average.

2 points -- You grew up in a house without electricity.


0 points -- You're French.

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