Severed relations

A woman is arrested after biting a man's testicles during a domestic fight.

Published December 14, 2000 8:01PM (EST)

People often joke that once men marry, they might as well put their penis and testicles on a shelf or lock them away, never to be used again. This saying recently came true for a newlywed bank supervisor in the U.K. who, through an unfortunate set of circumstances, got a testicle bitten off during a boozy argument. Doctors later said he might well have died had he not been so drunk.

Last week, Neil Hutchinson and his new wife, Shelley, attended a party for their wedding thrown by Neil's co-worker Nathan Carr. Unable to attend the nuptials, Carr and his wife, Denise, invited the Hutchinsons over for a little celebration at their flat in Low Fell, Gateshead, Tyneside. The evening began innocently: The women went out to have a few cocktails, and the two men proceeded to finish two-thirds of a bottle of tequila, a beverage not known for its calming qualities.

When the women returned to the flat, an argument erupted among the four. According to proceedings in Newcastle Crown Court, the scenario unfolded something like this: In the midst of the yelling, Neil Hutchinson suddenly attacked his new bride. Denise Carr attempted to intervene and defend her fellow female, and a tussle ensued. Carr found herself lying on the floor, with Hutchinson sitting on top of her, and did what any woman in her predicament might do: She bit him in the crotch.

Carr's bite, however, proved more enthusiastic than was perhaps necessary to the situation. The testicle was severed from Hutchinson's groin and ended up on the floor under a picture frame, where police discovered it shortly thereafter. Hutchinson was escorted out of the apartment and rushed to a hospital for surgery, leaving behind his distraught wife and two very shocked friends.

"Denise said she knew she had bitten his groin but she didn't know she had done that kind of damage," Shelley Hutchinson told London's Telegraph.

Denise and Nathan Carr were both charged with wounding with intent, but the court accepted Denise's plea of guilty to a lesser charge and dropped charges against Nathan. Denise Carr will be sentenced next month.

"It has been a really bad episode for us," said Nathan Carr outside the courtroom. "But we were only trying to help out a friend who was in need." Denise Carr's dental work was not damaged in the incident.

As for Hutchinson, after four days of surgery in two hospitals, doctors were unable to reattach his testicle. And his bride has filed for divorce.

By Jack Boulware

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