And the winner is: Al Gore

By Joan Walsh

By Letters to the Editor

Published December 15, 2000 8:18AM (EST)

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What a class act Gore is. If he had shown this side during the campaign, it would have been a landslide! His future looks bright. Bush paled in comparison and did nothing to change my opinion that he won in the biggest scam in history.

-- Kathy Braun

As a Democrat who voted for Bush because I found Gore false, spineless and totally unacceptable as a potential president, I too saw a new depth and authenticity in Al Gore last night, and I was very impressed by it.

For all of Clinton's many flaws, he had an ability to tap into a deep authenticity when he spoke about things that mattered to him, and an ability to use that to steer political debate in the right direction. Finding a new sense of himself and tapping into it may be Al Gore's first step toward finding a similar gift. An Al Gore who steered himself with his own moral compass instead of focus-group findings would make a fine president someday, and I wish him the best for his time back in Tennessee.

-- Andrew Norris

Give me a break. Gore wins by losing because losing is good for phony overachievers? Bush, if he relies on his experiences of failure in the past, will unite Washington after this insanity? Why would he bother? Bush is going to be passing legislation through a slight Republican majority in Congress! It sounds like Reagan! This is going to be a nightmare! Forgive me for not sharing your enthusiasm for the outcome of the election -- you seem to be paying attention to the effects of this election on only two Americans. What about the rest?

-- Daniel Quiles

Joan Walsh admonishes us in her article: "Let Antonin Scalia remind purist Ralph Nader voters why the Supreme Court mattered."

Well, this Nader purist would like to remind Walsh that Sen. Al Gore, D-Tenn., voted to approve Justice Scalia's appointment to the Supreme Court, as did Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn.

In matters of policy and record (as opposed to rhetoric), Gore has been and remains virtually indistinguishable from Bush.

-- Jonathan Moriarity

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