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A Welsh rugby team may use "herbal Viagra" to enhance performance.

By Jack Boulware
December 19, 2000 1:30AM (UTC)
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Any Welsh National League rugby team that walks onto the field against the Aberavon RFC squad should not be surprised if some of its members leer at each other and opposing team members. The Aberavon squad is planning to enhance its performance with a Chinese supplement known as "herbal Viagra."

After hearing that Chinese athletes used a product called Duro to boost their skills at the Sydney Olympics, coaches from the Aberavaon RFC, also known as the Wizards, agreed to try the potion on their rugby players. The Duro herbal concoction contains a fungal extract from the larval remains of silkworms and is said to enhance an athletes' performance.


But when Wizards coach Chris O'Callaghan investigated the Duro product on the Internet, he discovered that not only was it great for athletes, it was also "the ancient Asian secret to restoring sex drive."

Sacrificing himself for his team, O'Callaghan gallantly agreed to volunteer himself as a guinea pig and test the supplement for one month, while a laboratory runs tests to ensure it contains no banned substances. Managers of the Wizards are in contact with the Welsh Rugby Union to make sure the team has permission to use Duro. O'Callaghan insisted that it will be perfect for his players.

Members of the Wizards are already excited about the possibility of popping boner herbal pills to prepare for matches.


"Anything that gives us an edge and is legal will be good for the team," vice captain Justin Hyatt told the BBC. "It's worth looking at if it gives us extra energy and enables muscular tissue to repair more quickly."

O'Callaghan plans to have all 30 of his players taking the Duro supplement next week.

"The jokes will be merciless but I truly believe the stamina of the team will be improved so it will be worth it," said O'Callaghan. "It certainly boosts the libido -- but I don't think any of my lads have problems in that department."

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