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A manager is transferred after videotaping his sexual encounter with his employee.

Published December 19, 2000 8:40PM (EST)

Many young people get their résumé started by working at a pizza parlor. The experience can teach retail marketing techniques, cooking skills and rapport with the public. In one pizza joint in Ohio, the environment has also provided a young manager with the opportunity to get drunk and have sex with an underage employee -- and videotape the whole thing.

The East of Chicago Pizza restaurant, in North Ridgeville, Ohio, was the scene of this amateur pizza porn effort, where one night manager Willie Horton's dream came true. While still punched in on the clock, he convinced a 17-year-old female employee to have sex with him in the restaurant. He videotaped their little erotic encounter, and what the hell, poured some free beer for the both of them to quench their post-coital thirst.

The story was brought to the attention of local police, and Horton made the nightly news on WEWS-TV for being charged with voyeurism and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Amazingly, Horton was not fired for having sex with a member of his staff, but was merely transferred to the East of Chicago Pizza location in Macedonia. He had a few charges on his record, but he was still gainfully employed, and didn't have to show up in court until Jan. 12. So he kept serving pizza pies to the hungry Ohio public.

Being that it was probably a slow news week, the alert WEWS news team swung into action, demanding to know why Horton was still allowed to stay with the company. The owner of the Macedonia pizza restaurant admitted that he hired Horton, but said he didn't talk to him about his sex-and-beer episode at the other location. Apparently it's not a prerequisite for employment to admit past amateur pornographic projects. Officials of the pizza company's corporate office did not respond to the TV station's calls about the employee.

When informed that their amateur director was still employed by the East of Chicago pizza empire, North Ridgeville police were very surprised, and vowed to alert authorities in Macedonia.

Hopefully order will soon be restored in Ohio, and pizza customers can again enjoy their large pepperoni pies without fear that the manager is humping one of the staff in the back room.

By Jack Boulware

Jack Boulware is a writer in San Francisco and author of "San Francisco Bizarro" and "Sex American Style."

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