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Spears and "Survivor," Eminem and "Big Brother": Our pick of Salon's best Arts & Entertainment stories for the year.

Salon Staff
December 23, 2000 1:48AM (UTC)

"Almost Famous"
It's supposed to be about a boy and a rock band. But it's really all about the girls.
By Stephanie Zacharek

Oops, she's doing it again!
She's a Mouseketeer trafficking kiddie porn, a school-girl queen selling sex in a leathery cat suit. Does Britney Spears have any idea what she's doing?
By Strawberry Saroyan


"Survivor," complete
Barfing! Backbiting! Richard's big white ass! An episode-by-episode guide to the Darwinian high jinks of CBS's island castaways -- right up to the surprising conclusion.
By Joyce Millman, Jeff Stark and Bill Wyman

"Big Brother" -- the complete story
Jordan the ho! Eddie the good son! Curtis the cipher! Episode by episode, a complete guide to the antics of Mega, Karen and Brittany the cuddle slut.
By Carina Chocano, Jeff Stark and Bill Wyman

Island fever
I was willing to spring my gay porn past on an unsuspecting family -- if it would get me on "Survivor" the TV show
By Dylan James

A movie called "Nashville"
Twenty-five years ago, it looked like Robert Altman's freewheeling cinematic tapestry would change movies forever. What happened?
By Ray Sawhill

"Erin Brockovich": The real story
In the movie, the victims in the celebrated lawsuit won big. In reality, many are wondering where the money went -- and they're mad at their lawyers.
By Kathleen Sharp

"Gimme Shelter": The true story
How a free Rolling Stones concert turned into a colossal mass bad trip -- and spawned the most harrowing rock 'n' roll movie ever made.
By Michael Sragow


The revenge of the Sex Pistols
Blood, chaos, hatred and fear: The lads who changed rock history tell the story their way.
By Bill Wyman

Invisible man
Eminem may be the most violent, woman-hating, homophobic rapper ever. Why are critics giving him a pass?
By Eric Boehlert

Salon Staff

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