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From John McCain's America to John Norman's Gor: Our pick of the best Salon Books stories of the year.

By Salon Staff
December 23, 2000 1:01AM (UTC)
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The mystery of courage
A scholar of bravery talks about the virtue that's hard to find and impossible to define and why it kept John McCain from being elected.
By Laura Miller

Macho anthropology
Did scientists start a deadly epidemic to prove that humanity is innately violent -- or are they victims of politics?
By Juno Gregory


The Sopranos have made being Italian-American seem cool again, but maybe it's time to say arrivederci to all that.
By Maria Russo

American travesty
With a talking presidential penis and a shovelful of Hollywood dirt, Joe Eszterhas waxes trashy on the Lewinsky scandal.
By Peter Kurth

When feminists were divas
The figures who founded modern feminism were outrageous, outspoken and sometimes out of their minds -- but they were never boring.
By Laura Miller


The real Sylvia Plath
Her newly published, unexpurgated journals reveal the poet's true demons -- and support a little-known theory about what drove her to suicide.
By Kate Moses

Chain gang
Fans of John Norman's novels about the planet Gor create virtual and real-life worlds in which women are slaves.
By Julia Gracen

The gay Nabokov
The novelist never could face the secret that cost his brother his life.
By Lev Grossman


Born to rape?
All men are potential sex criminals, say two evolutionary psychology proponents in a controversial new book.
By Margaret Wertheim

Too close for comfort
Why is Raymond Carver's masterpiece, "Cathedral," so much like a little-known D.H. Lawrence story?
By Samantha Gillison


A shot of the needful
In which the P.G. Wodehouse newsgroup and its online version of Blandings Castle teaches me to play again.
By Emily Jenkins

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