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White House drug money! Gay officers! Eli

By Salon Staff

Published December 22, 2000 8:15PM (EST)

Prime-time propaganda
How the White House secretly hooked network TV on its anti-drug message: A Salon special report.
By Daniel Forbes

L.A. confidential
A former LAPD detective says Chief Bernard Parks had evidence of the scandal a year before it was revealed, but kept it from the district attorney -- and the public.
By Jan Golab

Don't ask, don't tell, don't fall in love
A rare peek inside the lives of gay military officers, a world filled with staggering sacrifice, loneliness and glass ceilings.
By Dave Cullen

All in Elián's family
The media is holding back on the shady past of the young Cuban refugee's Miami relatives.
By Myra MacPherson

The unquiet death of Jennifer Odom
The Pentagon says the Army pilot's crash in Colombia last July was a "mishap," but her family believes she was shot down -- the first of many soldiers likely to die in our undeclared war.
By Jeff Stein

Israel's apartheid
Fed up with restrictions and discrimination, last month Israeli Arabs joined their Palestinian brethren in the battle against Israeli Jews.
By Flore de Preneuf

A new woman?
New bankruptcy documents make the murky finances of Ken Starr's key witness look even shadier.
By Bruce Shapiro

Life under the hole in the sky
The citizens of Punta Arenas, Chile, are the subjects of a potentially deadly experiment: What happens to people who live under the widening ozone hole?
By Dawn MacKeen

Rape, robbery and anguish in the new South Africa
I was arrested for fighting apartheid, but what good is freedom if rampant violence terrorizes blacks and whites alike?
By Jenefer Shute

Serbia's culture shock
With the media liberated from Milosevic's control, the nation begins to face its demons -- but propagandists and journalists are in a tug of war.
By Laura Rozen

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