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Chauvinist mothers, deranged marriages, lesbian sperm donors and more: Our pick of the best Mothers Who Think stories of 2000.

By Salon Staff

Published December 22, 2000 8:25PM (EST)

The mama lion at the gate
Maternal chauvinism is a dad's greatest obstacle to parental parity.
By Cathy Young

Common Scents
From her "One Hundred Demons" series.
By Lynda Barry

Richard knows best
The naked schemer of "Survivor" answers to child abuse charges -- with a confession.
By Beth Broeker

My spawn arrives!
In the third installment of his lesbian sperm donor saga, Hank Pellissier describes the arrivals of his two babies -- born 21 days apart.
By Hank Pellissier

Hustling hormones
I scored black market drugs to get my ovaries high -- and mighty.
By Carol Mithers

Different hero, different war
John McCain's first wife won't say a harsh word about the man who dumped her. Is she a spineless wimp or a quiet hero?
By Jennifer Foote Sweeney

Knocked up like me
What's cooler than being a middle-class teenage mother? Having a TV show all about you.
By Amy Benfer

While you are gone
I drink lots of coffee, keep my clothes on, talk to ghosts.
By Stephen J. Lyons

Deranged marriage
When the match didn't take, I wound up with Merle Haggard.
By Sridhar Pappu

I miss lesbian reproductive sex
Little purple sticks, big metal tanks and doing it whether we wanted to or not -- now that's hot.
By Laurie Essig

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