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Bush-whacked, Al Gore-leone and Florida's ballot "cleansing": Our pick of the best Salon Politics stories of the year.

By Salon Staff
December 23, 2000 1:14AM (UTC)
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Florida's flawed "voter-cleansing" program
Secretary of State Katherine Harris hired a firm to vet the rolls for felons, but that may have wrongly kept thousands, particularly blacks, from casting ballots.
By Gregory Palast

Gov. Bush's office ignored murder confession
Two and a half years later, the two men convicted of the crime still sit in prison.
By Alan Berlow


End of the rogue
The "Pirate Kingfish" savors his final free days before a jury lowers the boom.
By Matt Labash

Boy on the bus
John McCain's impulsive, inspired and angry ride misses a few turns before getting back on the road. But can he catch up?
By Jake Tapper

Why is this race even close?
Because George W. Bush has campaigned better, proposed more forward-thinking programs and proven, in the end, that he's smarter than Al Gore.
By Andrew Sullivan


Hobbled from the start
How can George W. Bush convince Americans to trust him when he has dismissed such notions as truth and justice?
By Alan Wolfe

Al Gore-leone
Is the vice president really a nice guy or a goodfella?
By Jake Tapper

Gore's stiff competition
Republicans have zeroed in on the one thing the Democrats cannot defend: Clinton's slick willy.
By Mark Bowden


Impeachment: The rematch
As former House manager James Rogan battles for his political life against Democrat Adam Schiff, it's hard not to see them as proxies for Henry Hyde vs. President Clinton.
By Anthony York

A Log Cabin divided
Conservative gays struggle with one another over a burning question: George W. Bush, friend or foe?
By Jake Tapper

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