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Lascivious eats, political penises and "31 Ejaculations": Our pick of the best Salon Sex stories of the year.

By Salon Staff

Published December 22, 2000 7:35PM (EST)

Teach your children well
Both liberal and conservative sex ed activists have it wrong: We should stop saying that sex is dangerous and help parents talk to their kids instead.
By Michael Castleman

Paradise regained
Weimar Berlin's depraved, sin-filled nights tantalize the imagination anew in Mel Gordon's "Voluptuous Panic."
By Stephen Lemons

Eat on me
The Fat Guy gives us an in-depth report on the best and worst foods to eat off your lover -- and something that's even more erotic.
By Steven A. Shaw

The New Sanctimony
Down with Jefferson, Clinton and '60s hedonism! American politics has declared war on the pursuit of pleasure.
By Steve Erickson

Sexless in Washington
The shameful exposure of Bill Clinton's penis means the next president will not be allowed one.
By Erik Tarloff

The story of a young prostitute
A teenage call girl gets her "parenting" wherever she can find it. Part 1 of three parts.
By Virginia Vitzthum

The History of fellatio
A talk with author Thierry Leguay reveals that humans may be the only animals that give blow jobs.
By Annie Auguste

31 Ejaculations
A series of stories about sex.
By Eric Bogosian

An immodest proposal
We should let our children know that falling in love is the most turbulent penetration of all.
By David Thomson

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