Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble

Lara Flynn Boyle and Catherine Zeta-Jones bravely admit to perfection; Kate Winslet strikes out against the skinny. Plus: Sharon Stone's instincts tell her to take the $15 million sequel check.

Published January 10, 2001 5:45PM (EST)

Will someone please stuff a big fattening muffin in Lara Flynn Boyle's trap? She really needs to clamp it.

"I'm the kind of woman who, when she walks into a party, all the other women leave the room," the whisper-thin actress burbles in the February issue of Vanity Fair. "I think I'm scary to people."

Are they discomfited by her skeletal physique? Alarmed that 90 percent of her body weight resides in her whopping ego? Not at all, she says. They are threatened by her impish glint.

"I'm a bad girl," Boyle boasts, in what may be an attempt to emulate the appeal of her on-again, off-again bad-boy boyfriend, Jack Nicholson.

But, she says, she's not that bad. She denies any involvement in the breakup of Harrison Ford's 17-year marriage to screenwriter Melissa Mathison.

"That was so blown out of proportion. I sat down in a booth with Harrison Ford at a party and talked to him for five minutes," she says. "Well, maybe six."

But definitely not four or seven.

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A bone to pick with Lara Flynn Boyle

"What annoys me most is that the more terribly thin and fit actresses we have the less real our films become, which is sad. Thank God for British ones. They don't care what shape you are."

-- Kate Winslet, admitting that, though she hates herself for it, she's dieting for the sake of her career.

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Another postpartum dieter weighs in

Catherine Zeta-Jones wants to make something perfectly clear: She has never ever been ugly.

Even during her adolescence, she was nothing short of perfection itself. "I never thought for one moment I was the ugly duckling," the new Mrs. Douglas tells the Calgary Sun. "I never felt I was too fat. I was never a tomboy and I never had trouble getting dates."

She gets a big hoot out of fellow swans with self-esteem problems. "I find it amusing that so many actresses and models lay claim to one or more of these attributes," she says.

Can someone please arrange a play date for her and Ms. Boyle?

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Juicy bits

Those of you keeping your legs -- I mean, fingers -- crossed that "Basic Instinct 2" will proceed despite recent rumors to the contrary may be in luck. Sharon Stone intimate Liz Smith is reporting that after some uncertainty over the weekend, momentum is gathering behind the sequel and Kurt Russell is entertaining a $5 million offer to star opposite Stone. Stone stands to collect a $15 million paycheck for her troubles. Perhaps if Russell agreed to go panty-free ...

Bond, Ambassador Bond? Pierce Brosnan may go where Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer and the artist formerly known as Ginger Spice have gone before him -- to work for the United Nations. According to the BBC, the actor is looking to move beyond that license-to-kill stuff to work on behalf of the environment, children in crisis and nuclear disarmament. After several meetings with Brosnan, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was moved to comment, "I think he can use his voice to help us in some of the work that we do." And heck, maybe he can use some of that Bond gadgetry, too.

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