Inside Sarah Jessica Parker

"Sex and the City" star's got a mouthful; this is Keanu Reeves' brain on drugs; look out fashion world -- here comes Angelina and Billy Bob! Plus: Mr. Blackwell disses Britney's bra-tops.

Published January 11, 2001 5:26PM (EST)

If there's anyone out there who's just desperate to know what the inside of Sarah Jessica Parker's mouth is like, it's your lucky day.

The "Sex and the City" star wants the world to know that her inner cheeks are bitten, blistered and bloody, thanks to her nasty habit of chewing on the inside of her own mouth. And try as she might, she can't get herself to stop chomping -- her New Year's resolution to kick the habit bit the dust just 20 minutes into 2001.

"It's born of insecurity and lack of self-esteem and anxiety about the world," Parker tells the World Entertainment News Network. "It's like a minefield in there."

She's pretty bummed that she wasn't able to sink her teeth into the new year with a clear cheek. "I'm very disappointed in my character," she says. "I'm not trying to kick heroin or anything really serious. It seems relatively small."

Um ... ick.

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Someone else who needs to kick the habit

"I've had wonderful experiences. I mean really wonderful. In teaching. Personal epiphanies. About life. About a different perspective -- help with different perspectives that you have. You know what I mean? Relationships to nature. Relationships with the self. With other people. With events."

-- Keanu Reeves on the joy of drugs in Vanity Fair.

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And speaking of different perspectives ...

Orange cowboy hats? Veeeeeery skinny jeans?

His wife may have just made Mr. Blackwell's fashion disaster list ("Fashion interrupted. Hit by a Gen-X gothic hex!" Blackwell said of Angelina Jolie), but Billy Bob Thornton is launching his own line of "urban cowboy-inspired" clothing. Sprung from his love of "Western stuff" and designed with the help of Billy Martins store owner and Westernwear maven Dave Kadison, the clothes will be a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll.

"Billy got together with Dave about a year ago and started talking about designing something based on what he liked to wear," Billy Martins sales rep Gregory Westbrook told Fashion Wire Daily. "We started out with '50s retro styles, with six-row button cuffs and yokes, then moved on to '60s and '70s psychedelic cowboy looks with different prints."

But, let's be clear here, though the clothes may look old, they're all 100 percent new. Don't forget, Billy Bob's almost as afraid of vintagewear as he is of antiques. Breathe easy, cowboy.

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Hit her one more time

"Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill. Relax, help is on the way!"

-- The aforementioned Mr. Blackwell on Britney Spears, whom he awarded this year's worst-dressed honors. (Yes, rival Christina Aguilera made the list, too.)

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Juicy bits

Crossover No. 1: Badly dressed popster hits the big screen! Britney Spears is coming to a multiplex near you. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spears has just agreed to make her movie debut in a film that is being described as "Boys on the Side" meets "Duets," whatever that means. In the "Untitled Britney Spears Project," as it is currently known, Spears will star as a straight-A student who hits the road with two buddies -- a cheerleader and a "burnout" -- and meets up with a bevy of musicians on her way to a music competition. Oops!

Crossover No. 2: Food-fretting actress picks up the pen! Courtney "Tastes like chicken" Thorne-Smith has signed on to become a regular columnist for Self magazine. The former "Ally McBeal" star will write a series of first-person pieces, starting with an essay on a spa visit in the magazine's April issue. Well, you believed her as a lawyer ...

Crossover No. 3: Reclusive castaway sells what's left of his soul to Donald Trump! Survivor contestant and coconut-phone chatter Greg Buis has signed on to peddle his mug for T Management, the Trump-owned model agency. Buis was "discovered" by agency president Annie Veltri during a promotional appearance for the Survivor board game at FAO Schwartz, T Management publicist Lisa Bytner told the press. "She feels his look is the all-American boy with sex appeal," Bytner said, adding that Veltri did do a little triage on Buis' hair. "She had a stylist clean it up a little." All that Pulau Tiga sun is murder on your ends.

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