Florida, again

Published February 16, 2001 3:02PM (EST)

Seeing red

"Enough of this crap, it's over."

-- E-mail regarding Democratic reports that Gore has pulled ahead in the media recount of the Florida election.

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Anger management

The frustratingly anticlimactic election result in Florida is on the verge of becoming the big political story again as media recounts continue to produce results. The Democratic Party was quick to point out Thursday in a press release (which, oddly, has not been posted on its Web site) that Al Gore should have won the race in Florida and then, of course, the presidency. On Friday C-Span will broadcast the ongoing "Hearing on Voting Irregularities in Florida" by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, with different county election officials.

Online, discussions about dimpled chads, "voter intent" and punch-card vs. optiscan machines have continued unabated, and are heating up in some forums, including Table Talk. A typical Table Talk exchange:

[Ace:] Paul, you know darn well that isn't true. The only way that they can be compared is if the optiscan had a single pencil dot. The dimples need some other support, like other dimples on the ballot.

[Paul:] Ace, you pompous ass: A partially filled-in oval could be a small mark or a check mark or an X mark. Still it's clear intent of what the voter wanted.

And on Free Republic, a poster suggests the reason the media recount is taking so long is that "the clymers ran out of innovative ideas to make the invalid votes look like Gore votes." ("Clymer," apparently, has become shorthand for a certain expletive aimed at New York Times scribe Adam Clymer by George W. Bush.)

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