They're not Fonda snacking

Jane and Uma admit to eating disorders. Plus: Bon Jovi wants to rock ... your wedding!

Published February 22, 2001 5:25PM (EST)

Now she tells us.

Not only is Jane Fonda -- who led us all into aerobics addiction back in the day when leg warmers were cool -- turning her well-toned back on exercise, she's embracing the lost art of eating.

"For 25 years, I could never put a forkful in my mouth without feeling scared," Fonda reportedly admitted at a fundraising dinner for the Eating Disorders Education Network on Saturday.

Fonda says she battled anorexia and bulimia for 25 years. "I'm 63 years old," she says, "and only in the last two years have I learned that good enough is good enough."

She might give her little pep talk to Uma Thurman. Skinny Uma has recently revealed that she's got some body issues that need addressing.

"Ever since I had my baby, I've that body dysmorphic disorder," she recently told Talk magazine, referring to a condition in which a person has a distorted sense of his or her own body. "I see myself as fat."

Hope she'll be eating her words soon.

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Because standing still is when you put on the pounds

"Barbie, like all little girls, is constantly evolving and never stands still."

-- A Mattel spokesperson on Barbie's upcoming movie debut.

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Arnold's defender

Jamie Lee Curtis is trying to terminate all that talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger being a groping, womanizing meanie. She's even written a letter to Premiere magazine, which published all sorts of startling stories about the star, letting them know that she thinks they're the big bullies.

"I told them I've known Arnold for a long time and that I hold him in the highest esteem," Curtis tells the Calgary Sun. "Arnold is a perfect gentleman and a devoted family man. In the seven months I worked with him on "True Lies," I never saw even a hint of the kind of behavior they describe in their article."

Curtis suspects that "the article is little more than a politically motivated hatchet job."

"It's no secret that Arnold is considering running for governor of California," she says. "The moment someone acknowledges that he might have aspirations to run for office, the knives come out."

It makes her so mad, she could just scream.

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Juicy bits

Looks like Jennifer Lopez is shedding all the problematic fellows in her life. According to the New York Daily News, that bodyguard of hers who tucked a little hashish and pot in his socks and tried to sneak it across the Canadian border is history. Lopez apparently socked it to him and fired his booty.

Great news for those of you who've long dreamed of being serenaded by Jon Bon Jovi on your wedding day! (And really, who hasn't?) Bon Jovi, the band, have agreed to perform at the weddings of 60 couples in Las Vegas in April. The nuptials will take place at Graceland Chapel, where Jon Bon Jovi got hitched to his wife, Dorothea. "We're always being asked 'Would you sing at my wedding?' or 'Will you announce my engagement on stage?'" Bon Jovi told the U.K. Web site, "so we thought this would be good." It's their own special way of saying thank you for loving them.

Loca this: Ricky Martin's looking to make a move into movies. Martin is reportedly a mere bonbon shake away from signing on to star in "The Assassination," a political thriller based on the murder of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. If the deal goes ahead, the singer will play revolutionary Tavito del al Maza and will also sing the movie's theme song and help with the soundtrack. His cup of life clearly runneth over.

Uh-oh. You may have to return those wedding gifts for Leo and Gisele. It seems that supermodel Gisele Bundchen may have actually told the Brazilian magazine Veja that Leonardo DiCaprio was her boyfriend and not her fiancé, since the two words are similar in Portuguese. Hmm. I wonder how you say "oops" in Portuguese ...

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