"Eminem's mom" and "Gag me with a Grammy!"

By Amy Reiter

Published February 24, 2001 8:00PM (EST)

Read "A conversation with Eminem's mom."

The more this woman talks, the bigger an idiot she looks like. If she would just shut the hell up, maybe people would never figure out just how little class she has. In her case, the tree didn't fall far from the apple!

-- Cary Howell

Debbie Mathers sounds like a weak little mush pile. She has let her son walk all over her in the past and it's her fault that he is how he is today. Sure, she may have some good excuses and seem slightly remorseful, but if she would stand up for herself and not let Eminem insult and abuse her in public -- and then cry "Mommy, Mommy" behind closed doors, as she put it -- then she would never have these problems. And we wouldn't have to hear some wannabe white rapper whining about his mommy.

-- Katy

This only clears part of the evil professed on this vile and seething CD! If some of the vile venom spewing from Eminem's mouth is true, then I guess that means the rest of the CD, where he demeans gays and lesbians, must be true as well. Yet he says to just take it with a grain of salt. What a disgusting man. This goes to show: Spare the rod, spoil the child. The mother is getting back what she put in: absolutely nothing!

-- Jayme Lee Talson

How can you write a story about a troubled person and mention his family, yet not one word about this sick person's father?

-- Les Cohen

Read "Gag me with a Grammy!"

You missed the best moment in the whole show. It was when Carlos Santana was announcing the record of the year award. He opened the envelope and said, "John Coltrane, 'A Love Supreme'!"

-- Jonathan Watterson

This year's Grammy Awards were a big disappointment. The entertainment was bland. The songs were overtaken by time. I was most disappointed in Destiny's Child, Madonna, 'N Sync and, of course, Eminem.

If it were not for the host, Jon Stewart, people might have left the show.

I don't see what the controversy is about Eminem. He is obviously an artist, and artists do create. Eminem's personal troubles have no connection with his artistic character, "Slim Shady."

Yet, I don't foresee a smooth road ahead for Eminem. If he does, in fact, have a rival rap group, his demise may be like that of Tupac or Biggie Smalls.

-- Beverly Davis

By Salon Staff

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