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Snoop Dogg and Larry Flynt make a porn video; Wyclef Jean wants Sharon Stone -- think "jockstrap." Plus: Woody causes woodies and Meg Ryan's exes rock!

Published February 28, 2001 5:24PM (EST)

If you thought that "Snoop on Poop" underwear was racy, check this: Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Larry Flynt to release a porn video.

You heard me right.

Released on Tuesday, XXX-rated "Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle" is described in a press release as "a cross between a rap video and a porn film," featuring 11 new, original Snoop tracks, including six music videos that "serve as preludes to five hardcore sex scenes." It's one of what may be a series of Doggy/Larry videos.

Oh, and did I mention Snoop filmed it in his very own home, aka the "Dogg Pound"?

Snoop, who, from what I can tell, is not actually featured in any of the sex scenes himself, but who apparently "handpicked" the adult film stars who are, explains his pornographic dream-come-true thusly: "We're rapping about it when we're doing records. We're in the studio doing it, we're making hardcore, and we should be able to put out hardcore. And this is an avenue to do it."

Flynt, to whom Snoop has compared himself in rap lyrics past, says he and the rapper share a mutual flare for hustling that makes teaming up for this project a natural. "Like myself, Snoop has had to battle for his First Amendment rights to say what he wants," he explains. "My forum is Hustler magazine, Snoop's forum is rap music. This video brings together those two worlds."

Heartwarming, no?

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Look who's not Steely Dan's No. 1 fan

"And the winner is Steely Dan, who the fuck is Steely Dan?"

-- Eminem, collecting his Brit award for best international male -- after losing out to Steely Dan at the Grammys last week.

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Porn to be wild, Part 2

Looks like Snoop Dogg isn't the only rapper with pornographic dreams. Wyclef Jean apparently has them too -- and he's not just rapping in 'em. He's unrapping ... Sharon Stone.

Jean tells this month's Playboy he has a secret fantasy that one day, the panty-eschewing "Basic Instinct" star will cross and uncross her legs just for him.

The film "would be called 'Sharon Stone Falls in Love With a Black Dirk Diggler,'" he says. "[Stone] is banging. I have a major crush on her. There would be a scene in the movie with me in a jockstrap and a guitar behind my back. Sharon Stone would not even have to audition. The minute she got there I would just signal the director to start shooting, start shooting now, man."

Are you listening, Mr. Flynt?

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An idea for Wyclef's film?

"I'm doing naked cartwheels. I'm very excited."

-- Brad Pitt on how happy he is to be married to Jennifer Aniston.

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Juicy bits

Just because he gored Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's marriage doesn't mean Russell Crowe is an armored gladiator with no heart at all. The actor did a good deed on Monday, when his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, gave a concert in Milan to benefit Children in Crisis, an Italian charity founded by designer Giorgio Armani. So what exactly do Russell and his fellow odd grunters play? "We describe our music as being folk music," Crowe told the BBC. Well, folk with a few secret rock ingredients: "a little bit of Elvis Presley, some Doors and some Tom Jones." Quick! Throw him your undies!

And speaking of women throwing their undies at Meg's rockin' exes ... the New York Daily News reports that Dennis Quaid was seen charming two women -- one blond, one brunet, although he seemed to be "definitely more interested in the blond" -- at a recent L.A. gig with his band, the Sharks. Linked with more women than you can count on one hand since his split with Ryan, Quaid is clearly making the most of his freedom. As his rep, Lisa Kasteler, told the tab, "He's single, he's separated, what more can I say?" Not much.

How excited are the people over at "Will & Grace" that Woody Harrelson has agreed to make a series of guest appearance as Grace's new boyfriend on the show. "Everybody here at 'Will & Grace' had a woody over Woody. It feels like a real coup," the show's creator, David Kohan, told the Hollywood Reporter. Kohan says Harrelson (who played the aforementioned Flynt in "The People vs. Larry Flynt") has "an effortless kind of sex appeal ... He can generate heat between himself and an actress without even trying." Sounds like someone might be ready to pull a Snoop.

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