Doggone it, Russell!

Meg Ryan's dad weighs in on Crowe's doggy dis; Britney wants more people in her clothes; Shannen Doherty's ex can't remember a thing; and the Reagans go nuclear!

Published March 2, 2001 5:25PM (EST)

All that ruff stuff Russell Crowe was saying about needing to be with his dog instead of hanging out with his girl apparently has Meg Ryan's pops barking mad.

"What Russell has been saying about preferring to be with his animals over Meg is insulting," Meg's dogged dad, Harry Hyra, reportedly told Britain's Heat magazine. "If he was really into Meg, he would have let her go with him or split his time between L.A. and Australia."

Right. They could have gone arf and arf.

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And you can't fix a wedgie, either

"Yeah, the price of fame. No more picking my nose in public."

-- "Josie and the Pussycats" star Rosario Dawson on the boogery byproducts of success.

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Familiarity breeds temptation

Mandy Lauderdale may have succumbed to temptation on "Temptation Island," but she's apparently been able to resist a come-on from Hugh Hefner's people.

On Wednesday, the aspiring actress and singer told Howard Stern that she turned down a $1.5 million offer to doff her island duds for Playboy. This despite Jessica Hahn's advice to go for Hugh's gold, something she herself did twice.

"Mandy, whatever you decide, it's the best experience I ever had in my life," Hahn told Lauderdale, according to the New York Post. "I swear you're beautiful. Just do it."

But Lauderdale just didn't. She also opted not to take Capitol Records up on its offer of a recording contract, she said, for fear they'd turn her into another Britney Spears.

In which case she really would have to take off her clothes.

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That explains it?

To say Shannen Doherty's ex-husband, Ashley Hamilton, doesn't remember their six-month marriage fondly is to put it mildly. Thanks to his heroin addiction, from which he has since recovered, he doesn't remember it at all.

"I was never really sober through that whole relationship," Hamilton (son of George) tells Details. "I was out of my fucking soul."

Do you think he sold it to Shannen?

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Blur that booty!

"Colby is dripping with heat. What a stunning, stunning man. I don't think there's a person on the planet, male or female, that can't see that that's a gorgeous, gorgeous man."

-- Old Survivor Richard Hatch on new Survivor Colby Donaldson on TV Guide Online.

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Kathie Lee: No more wrinkles?

"I am so much happier now, it shows. I got in an elevator and this woman goes, 'Oh, my God! You look fabulous. Did you have a facelift?' I said, 'No, I had a lifelift.'"

-- Kathie Lee Gifford, high on life after Reege, in USA Weekend.

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Crop this

Britney Spears fashions? Can you say belly-button crop-tops?

According to BBC Radio 1, the pop princess has got her heart set on designing her very own clothing line.

Maybe she can call it "Oops!"

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Ship of fools

Is 49 the nuclear anniversary? Ronald and Nancy Reagan will celebrate their 49th wedded year on Sunday by christening the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.

Mrs. Reagan herself will travel to Newport News, Va., to crack the traditional bottle of champagne against the ship's hull. Some people go out to dinner. Some people throw parties ...

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