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George W. Bush's niece denies writing steamy notes to Prince William; Bobby Knight teams up with the other o.j. Plus: Playboy calls "Temptation Island's" Mandy a liar, and the pope's down with Kubrick.

Published March 5, 2001 5:04PM (EST)

Remember those rumors about Lauren Bush, President Bush's 16-year-old model niece, having a steamy e-mail penpalship with Prince William?

Surprise! Bush denies it.

But she doesn't deny thinking that he's, you know, cute.

"Yeah, he's good looking. I'm sure he's a really nice person," Bush told the Scottish Daily Record on a recent trip to London to model for Tommy Hilfiger. "But I've certainly never sent him a sexy e-mail."

What's more, she says, "I'm not chasing him."

Britney will be so relieved.

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Debby Boone, bad girl?

"I was never the image. I wanted to be valued for my talent, my intelligence. Later, I realized the image served me, it made me a personality."

-- Debby "You Light Up My Life" Boone on how her good-girl image was a crock.

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The softer side of o.j.

Is Bob Knight the next Anita Bryant?

Seems so. According to Adweek, Knight -- Indiana University's infamous former chair-throwing, player-choking, tampon-in-locker-leaving coach -- is the new sunny face of Minute Maid orange juice.

Talk about March madness! In a new Minute Maid ad campaign, breaking Monday and running through the NCAA basketball tournament, Knight will demonstrate how a blast of orange juice every morning can change your life. Here he is saying nice things to referees. There he is telling his players to smile as they play.

A voiceover chirps about the joys of Minute Maid (apparently just for breakfast again): "It only takes a minute and the feeling lasts all day."

And you thought the guy needed years of therapy ...

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Mahir kiss you with music ...

"Maybe my fans together we can do better world."

-- Turkish lover Mahir Cagri "invitating" his fans to be inspired by his new single, "I Kiss You," in the Calgary Sun.

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Juicy bits

Mandy Lauderdale: Big liar? Playboy maintains that, while it "expressed interest" in the "Temptation Island" chiquita, it did not offer her 1.5 million clams, which she claims to have turned down. "Nobody is ever offered that much," a magazine spokeswoman told the New York Post late last week. Nope, not even Darva.

"Temptation Island" news we wish weren't true ... The show is coming back for a second season next year set in a location still to be determined. "'Temptation Island' has proven to be compelling television," Fox entertainment prez Gail Berman told Reuters. Car accidents are compelling, too.

One more attempt to profit from this island: Two "relationship experts" in Salem, Va., have cranked out a quickie book called "Surviving Temptation Island." Its premise? That the show's legacy may be positive because it discredits the notion that you can "strengthen a relationship just by testing it." I thought Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid already disproved that.

Guess who just got an audience with the pope? HAL. According to the World Entertainment News Network, Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" was screened at the Vatican on Thursday for Pope John Paul II in what is being billed as "an unprecedented collaboration between Italian film distributor Istituto Luce and papal officials." No, I don't think the pontiff toked up beforehand.

She can turn the world on with a smile -- and now she'll be permanently memorialized throwing her hat up in the air as she did in the opening credits of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." This fall, the TV Land cable network will erect a bronze monument in Minneapolis of Mary Tyler Moore mid-hat-hurl. It's a good thing she didn't throw Ed Asner up in the air.

Dr. Andrew Weil has an intriguing cure for allergic reactions: LSD. The alternative medicine guru tells "60 Minutes" that a hit of acid is the best way to cure allergies that are "learned." Weil says a little hit of the psychedelic stuff was just what he needed to get over his allergy to cats. Mee-whoa!

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