Pretty pregnant woman?

Julia Roberts' beau likes the ladies -- round; Carmen Electra offers love advice to college students. Plus: The final word on Tom and Drew's "SNL" stunt.

Published March 13, 2001 8:00PM (EST)

Is Benjamin Bratt, aka Julia Roberts' boyfriend, telling us something?

"God, I just love women. I really, really love them," Bratt shares in the U.K. Telegraph.

Then Bratt, whose love for women with armpit hair Roberts took to heart and set off a media melee a couple of years back, leans forward and confides, "I find pregnant women especially attractive. I love their fecundity."

Fecundity? Has someone been reading the dictionary between roles?

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Forget Dear Abby

Dating advice from the woman who married Dennis Rodman sounds too good to be true, I know. But Carmen Electra is apparently pinch-hitting for online cartoon advice columnist Captain RibMan this week, answering college students' questions about romance.

RibMan creator Rich Davis swears the advice comes straight from the former "Baywatch" babe herself. And he's pretty excited about it.

"How often does a corrupt, numbskull, pseudo-Superhero like Captain RibMan get to be associated with Carmen Electra?" Davis asks me. "And that is not a Dennis Rodman reference!"

Jerry Seinfeld alter ego Ted L. Nancy (who usually writes the nutty letters) also recently took the time to answer students' questions. And Rich says he hopes to enlist other celebs. For instance, he says, he'd like to get John Goodman's take on fitness, Yasser Arafat on neighbor etiquette for help in settling those college roommate disputes and Bill Clinton to weigh in on ethics.

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Now what could have given us that idea?

"The biggest misconception about me is that I'm angry and/or violent ... But in reality I'm a real pussy of a guy, a real sweetie."

-- Jack Nicholson on the pussy within, in the U.K. Daily Express.

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Not the real Slim Shady

Looks like the Ken doll, now 40 (though you'd never know it from his unaltered plastic hairline), is getting a little competition for Barbie's affections: the Eminem doll ... chainsaw included!

A Brooklyn, N.Y., company called Art Asylum (the people who bring you the Ozzy Osbourne/Alice Cooper jack-in-the-box) is introducing a 7" action figure called the Many Faces of Eminem. The Marshall Mathers doll boasts painstakingly detailed recreations of the rapper's tattoos, including the words "Cut Here" on its little neck.

Guess that's what the chainsaw is for.

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Juicy bits

This one goes up to 11: In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Kelsey Grammer explained why it was so important to him to get NBC to agree to milk three more years of "Frasier," a show that has already been on the air for eight years. "I always wanted to do it for 11 years," he explained. "'Cheers' was 11. 'M*A*S*H' was 11. 'My Three Sons' was 11. And my character [which began on 'Cheers'] would then be on for more than anyone except Marshal Dillon on 'Gunsmoke.'" Hey, we all set our goals in life ...

The final word on that Tom Green/Drew Barrymore "Saturday Night Live" wedding stunt a few months back? Barrymore did not leave Green on the altar. "The whole thing was scripted that way. I thought people would get it, but apparently some of them thought I was the jilted lover," Green says in the upcoming issue of Movieline. "Drew and I were looking at each other because neither of us wanted to get married on TV. I want to marry Drew and have it be just the way we picture it. Not on 'Saturday Night Live' for sure." Awwww.

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