Is McCartney one toke over the line?

Steven Tyler says Paul's hittin' the hemp too hard; will Keith Richards and Charlie Watts do business with Tony Soprano? Plus: Gwyneth Paltrow to play 300-pound woman.

By Amy Reiter
Published March 14, 2001 10:24PM (UTC)
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Attention: Paul McCartney. Steven Tyler thinks you should lay off the weed, step away from the bong, drop the joint ... pronto.

"He smokes too much pot," the Aerosmith frontman says of the ex-Beatle in Gear magazine. "It's none of my business and he can do what he wants, but that's just my opinion."


How much is too much is anyone's guess. But Tyler thinks the amount that he himself did in his feckless youth was just enough to save his life.

"I'm grateful for doing those drugs [in the '70s], because they kept me from getting laid and I would have gotten AIDS," Tyler says.

Then again, the drugs also allowed him to justify sleeping with underage women, like the real-life Penny Lane -- when she was just 15.


"I've always been 15 in my mind," the 52-year-old rocker explains. "I've had a non-adult, juvenile mentality for a long time. I always thought it was because -- when you start taking drugs and then you stop -- you subtract those years in-between. It's really like I'm 26 right now."

Clearly, those drugs have had no effect whatsoever on his reasoning skills ...

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Someone needs a good talking-to from Steven Tyler ...

"You should be proud of whatever you do. If you're not, you really shouldn't be doing it at all. I'm a very pro-choice pot smoker, and I wouldn't dream of telling my children that I didn't smoke pot. In fact, I wouldn't care if the whole world knew."


-- Jade Jagger on toking up before the world in the upcoming issue of Tatler.

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Tony's new friends

First the lips-and-tongue Stones tattoo on Janice Soprano's breast -- and now this.

The U.K. Sun reports that Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, who revealed themselves as big fans of "The Sopranos" at the big season-opener party this month, may appear on the HBO show next season.


"They might appear as themselves, but we would like to have them play a pair of old-school British gangsters," a source from the show told the British tabloid. We know they love the show just like we love the Stones, so it's really a match made in heaven."

Who says you can't always get what you want?

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It doesn't even rhyme!

"If you believe him, acquit him."

-- Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs' lead lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, showing himself to be much less poetically inclined than the rapper's other lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, in his closing statement at the Puffster's trial for gun possession and bribery.

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Juicy bits

Thighs don't matter? It does when you're Suzanne Somers. But -- big, fat scandal! -- the National Enquirer is alleging that the diet-book and ThighMaster hawker secretly underwent liposuction at a Beverly Hills clinic on Feb. 20. "This is the extreme in hypocrisy," fitnessmeister Jack LaLanne opined in the tabloid. "She's let down all her fans, admirers and customers." But Somers' publicist would neither confirm nor deny the story, telling TV Guide Online, "We're really not going to make any comments. We don't want to spend any more energy on this and dignify this." I guess three's not company when you're talking about saddlebags ...

Speaking of flab in unexpected places ... Gwyneth Paltrow will be packing on the pounds to play an obese woman looking for love in the Farrelly brothers' new flick, "Shallow Hal." But, alas, she won't do it by scarfing down donuts and ice cream and chocolates and fries. (Fat chance!) Paltrow has been outfitted with a specially constructed fat suit -- aided by digital effects -- that'll make her look like she's 300 pounds. "She's ready to try some new stuff," the Farrelly brother they call Bobby told Empire Online. Can he interest her in a new hair gel?

Took 'em long enough. NBC's "Friends" is getting all sorts of media love for "breaking the color barrier" and casting a black actress (Gabrielle Union) as a love interest for both Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Ross (David Schwimmer). Union told the press she was among only a handful of African-Americans working on the show in any capacity. Maybe they should call it "White Friends."


Academy Awards producer Gil Cates to all Oscar winners: Shut the hell up! At a lunch this week attended by 100 nominees, Cates did more than beg potential winners to be brief in their acceptance speeches ... he bribed them. "As an incentive," Cates announced, "the person with the shortest speech gets a special reward: a brand-new high-definition television." Right, because none of the winners could afford one themselves ...

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