Say it with chocolate -- from 500 yards

Pamela Anderson's stalker just wanted to give her idol something sweet; Britney's got a novel on the way! Plus: Leonardo ain't fat -- he's acting!

Published March 19, 2001 5:54PM (EST)

I don't know what your fantasies about Pamela Anderson are, but all Christine Roth wanted to do, her friend says, was bring the former "Baywatch" babe a box of chocolates.

Roth, the 27-year-old Frenchwoman who broke into Anderson's Malibu, Calif., home earlier this month and was found sleeping in a guest room, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge on Thursday. A Malibu Superior Court judge ordered Roth to stay 500 yards away from Anderson, her kids and her home -- and to return to France and get psychological help ... pronto.

According to City News Service, the district attorney decided not to bring stalking charges against Roth because it wasn't clear that Roth meant to harm the actress.

"I think she wanted to see Pamela Anderson, but there was no evidence she was there to hurt her or threaten her," Deputy District Attorney Martin Herscovitz told the press.

Roth's friend Steve Vanbergen, whom she met in a Malibu restaurant last November, concurred, telling an ABC news affiliate that she "was just hoping to see Pam, wave to her and say, 'Hi, you know, I love your work and I like you and I have brought these chocolates for you,'" Vanbergen said.

According to Vanbergen, Roth had traveled from Paris with the specific intention of meeting Anderson, who was home at the time of her unexpected visit, and had made several attempts to do so.

On a prior attempt, Vanbergen said, he had to "almost physically tear her away" from Anderson's beachfront house. "I had to almost drag her. If you have to drag someone away from someone, they're obsessed."

Well, I guess that'd be one sign ...

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What's in a queen's name?

"They changed my name to Nefeteri and I thought it had something to do with superstition, but they were just worried that Nefertiti sounded like 'titties.'"

-- Rachel Weisz on the fears that plagued "The Mummy Returns" director Stephen Sommers.

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Bookish Britney?

Oops! She's doing it to literature again.

Don't look now, but Britney Spears' novel is headed your way.

"A Mother's Gift," which the pop princess co-wrote with her mom, Lynn, is about a teenage girl who wants to be a star. Due out in May, the novel is one of two books for which Random House agreed to pay Spears $1 million in December and is Britney's second literary offering. (Her memoir "Heart to Heart" came out in May 2000.)

"I think it will be sweet," a spokeswoman for British publisher Boxtree, which has just agreed to pay $724,200 for the rights to print Britney's book in Britain, told the London Express last week. "It's the kind of novel that mothers will buy for their teenage daughters, or Britney's fans will lap up."

I'm sure she'll be as good a writer as she is a singer.

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But not all at once

"If I could be anybody in history, I would choose JFK. Because that means you get to be president, and you get to sleep with Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, at the very least. Probably Angie Dickinson, as well."

-- Denis Leary, letting his imagination roam free while promoting his new show "The Job" last week on "PrimeTime Thursday."

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Juicy bits

Modest "Star Wars" fans will be relieved to learn that, in the upcoming "Episode II," C-3PO will not be naked. "One of the things most people want to know is if C-3PO gets dressed -- in 'Phantom Menace' he's made of wires," Anthony Daniels, who plays the shiny 'droid, told the U.K.'s Metro newspaper. "In this one, I'm back in the suit, which is why I'm trying to keep fit and going to the gym every day." Because who will love a fat android?

And speaking of fat androids, "Gangs of New York" executive producer Graham King is sick and tired of people saying the upcoming film's star, Leonardo DiCaprio, has packed on the pounds like nobody's business. Leo's increased size has nothing -- nothing whatsoever -- with him indulging in too much pasta during filming in Rome, Italy. "I think there was some misguidance about working out and putting on weight," King tells the World Entertainment News Network. "[Director Martin] Scorsese told him to go and get buff and work out for the role, and the press all mistook that when he came back and was bigger. He actually looks great." Got that? Great. Not titanic ...

In unrelated bloat news, looks like Jesse Ventura may be out of a commentator job. He's too much even for the XFL. "Our research shows people don't like him on the XFL. He's too over the top," XFL top dog Vince McMahon told the L.A. Times last week. "We need football announcers, not WWF announcers ... He's on thin ice." Quick, someone throw him a stone.

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